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Fujimi 2-choume Koukyougakudan series

Answer 1
Answer 2
Fuushi Katei wa Oowarawa!
Ousama na Neko 1
Ousama na Neko 2
Ousama na Neko 3
Ousama na Neko 4
Rakuen no Uta 1 (and a bit of 2)
Shikai wa Ai wo Tamasareru
Stoic ni Narenai
Sukida Nante Ienai!
Uso wo Mitsukete
Utsukushii Koto 1
Utsukushii Koto side-story: Aisuru Koto


Just spreading the news

Hai, just letting the fans of Fujimi know that someone else is doing (better) summaries of Fujimi on her livejournal: I was poundering these weeks whether to drop the series or resolve to quick summaries as opposed to the detailed ones. In the end I realised how thoroughly I enjoyed the other summaries, it’s so interesting how others can interpret the story, and more importantly, where my own mistakes are at several places.  Until I post my own version of II.1, just head to her livejournal and enjoy the sweetness ^^ She also has I.2-I.4  AND the book illustrations up!


Ah, these two months were fun, though I could barely get on WordPress, let alone sign in from the dorm I was staying. Concerning the poll, the result will become clear once it’s typed and posted. Anyway, thanks for voting, and Fujimi’s II.1 will be posted in the following days… or weeks. Just thinking about catching up with the recent dramacd-releases makes me glee of pleasure <3



Due to the main blogger (and only blogger) deciding to enjoy the following two months in another country, this blog won’t be updated very much. When this post is published, I will be in the plane (good for me!). The rate of updating depends on the available internet-connection and whether there’s any spare time. To make up, here’s a poll which dramacd you’d like to see summarised when the damn bitch is finally back. (scroll down for more info on each BLCD).
Personally I prefer Zettai Fukujyuu, since there’s not much content to summarise, but storywise I recommand Keiyaku Furikou, because oyaji-romance =

  • Zettai Fukujyuu: Politics and a lawyer. High smut-level and an unbelievable cute Tori.
    • >>>plain smut
  • Hanayome wa Marriage Blue: Sweet lovestory how a commoner introduces a rich man to the simple life BEFORE the actual marriage. Excellent BGM and likable characters.
    • >>>comedy, boy-bride
  • Shiawase ni Dekiru: non-con Morimori and no trace of Morimura Yuuki in this outrageous seme.
    • >>>alpha-man sweeping the feet (among other) of his target
  • Koi no Hanashi: When a misunderstanding becomes true in an arranged date between an awkward gay who has never dated before and a (former) straight man. Brought by the same author of Kotonoha no Hana and Mr. Romantist no Koi.
    • >>>Sweet and touching
  • Keiyaku Furikou: Very slow-paced but satisfying story about former superior-underling in salarymen-setting. Both realise their feelings for each other after many years, going through marriage and loss of their wives.
    • >>>Slice of life, oyaji

-Poll ends on September 2nd-

Fujimi Orchestra Series Part II.C

  • Title: 富士見二丁目交響楽団シリーズII.C: オー·ソレ·見よ
  • Author: Akizuki Koo
  • Illustrator: Nishi Keiko
  • Pairing: Genius conductor x Delicate violinist
  • Dramacd: no
    • Seme: /
    • Uke: /
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: no

What the fuck? Skipping again? Well, II.C starts on Christmas eve and ends where II.1 takes over. I never liked that there was such a long gap between I.7 and II.1, I was like, what happened on Christmas!
This subpart is a very special and a personal favourite, it’s from our very own coldfront conductor’s third point of view (as opposed to Morimura’s first POV). While following his thoughts, the reader learns his thoughts and feelings are far from being cold. More

non-BL anime rant

Have been watching all of Baka to TEST to Shoukanjuu, and it was quite good! Some jokes and fanservices may look a bit forced, but all in all very entertaining. It won’t surprise me if this series is very popular, as it shows some eyecandy to most fandom. For the boys we have ecchi, action, a protagonist one can identify with, “sisterly love”, yuri, harem,… and for the fujoshi there are much hinted slash, bishounen, a purehearted gay glasses character, crossdressing,… all packed in the mantle of comedy. Definitely recommanded, with Shimono Hiro and Suzuki Tatsuhisa. I especially liked the black/white framed “serious” talks between Yuuji and Akihisa (so dry!) and the all-male ending clips, like it was designed for a shounen-ai anime ^^ Available in Aarinfantasy. It’s based on the novels of Inoue Kenji, and there’s an ongoing manga series.

Fujimi 2-choume Koukyougakudan Series Part II.A

  • Title: 富士見二丁目交響楽団シリーズII.A: 野生のアマデウス
  • Author: Akizuki Koo
  • Illustrator: Nishi Keiko
  • Pairing: Bear genius pianist x Wild Amadeus
  • Dramacd: yes
    • Seme: Yao Kazuki
    • Uke: Yamaguchi Kappei
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: no
  • WARNING: intercourse with minor

Again juggling with the subparts for the following reason. II.1 starts in January while Sora was picked up in December. Yasei no Amadeus is a side-story that concentrates on Ikushima Takane, the bear-like friend of Tounoin and genius pianist. In II.A Our (my) favourite couple does appear from time to time so even if you don’t like this couple, there are still a few crumbles to look forward to! More

Answer 2: Suggestion

  • Title: Answer 2: Suggestion
  • Author: Sakiya Haruhi
  • Illustrator: Yamane Ayano
  • Pairing: Atoning rapist x Lonely widower
  • Dramacd: yes
    • Seme: Morikawa Toshiyuki
    • Uke: Suzuki Chihiro
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • English translation available: NONE (that I know of)

Like Answer, lots of detailed H. Skipped most of the H scenes, uninteresting business and other boring stuff. In the second installment our protagonists are adapting to their new status, with some interruption of the crazy ex. More

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