Shikai wa Ai wo Tamasareru

  • Title: 歯科医は愛を試される
  • Author: Minami Fuuko
  • Illustrator: Sakuragi Yaya
  • Pairing: Dentist rapist X Patissier childhood friend
  • Dramacd: yes
    • Seme: Suwabe Junichi
    • Uke: Toriumi Kousuke
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: NONE (as far as I know)

Shikai wa Ai wo Tamasareru is a very convenient story about 2 childhood friends who drifted apart when the other… raped his best friend. Yeah, sounds rather cliché, but I liked it. I really loved their kind of relationship, It’s built on competition and hiding their affection by badmouthing each other. I think childhood friends shouldn’t get along harmoniously, especially when their age only differs one day. Even though they live together, they have their separate lives. So in a way, it was a refreshing read, despite the usual bl-elements.  Both of them have decent personalities – even the seme.


Patissier uke is very displeased when he’s told to move in with his soon-to-be brother-in-law (seme) by his sister. Even though it’d be more convenient since seme’s apartment is just above seme’s workplace, a dentists’ clinic, which in turn is above uke’s own store, uke would rather not move, as he holds a longtime grudge against seme. Their families have always been close friends, and the two have known each other intimately from the moment they were born in the hospital (seme is one day older), up until their last year in highschool. Uke has an inferior complex towards seme, he has never been better in anything than seme, actually, uke may posess a pretty babyface, but that’s not something to be proud of when compared to cool and handsome seme. What’s even more vexing, when uke was going out with a girl, seme always stole her away, only to dump her not long after. Nevertheless, uke isn’t that petty to object living with seme for these reasons alone, in fact they always had a rather good relationship. The main reason is that seme raped uke the day before the culture festival in their last year. Not only seme didn’t apologise, he even gave the lame excuse that in the darkness he mistook uke for someone else, making it sound like it’s uke’s fault. From then on they rarely meet each other, with seme leaving to a faraway topuniversity, and uke staying in hometown university. And when seme graduate, uke left for Europe, trying to find a goal for himself. Thus after a void of ten years they face each other again, now having succeeded their respective fathers’ profession, and seme being as arrogant as usual, pissing uke off time after time. At first they rarely get to see each other’s face; they eat at different hours. But when seme prepares (deliberately?) a delicious meal in front of uke’s convenience store bento, uke can’t help but demand to prepare his part too. Slowly they interact more, uke starts to act increasingly more spoilt, and in the end seme takes care of all the household chores. However, this status-quo is quickly destroyed by seme’s annoyed remark (can’t forget your first man?), and the situation escalates when one of uke’s trusted workers turns out a spy of a rival store: seme holds sad and unguarded uke again. And yet again awkward seme doesn’t explain his reasons, except the line he muttered in the heat of the moment, that he could have never mistaken his target that time. Uke actually always knew this unconsciously, which is maybe why he was that angry because of seme’s dishonest words that time. But uke has no time to pounder, since uke participates in a fair with his cakes. The first days business was bad; all the customers went to the more famous rival store (the store that stole uke’s cake-models) and every day seme visits him, teasing him about the lack of clients, but on Saturday’s suddenly all the ppl rushed in uke’s stall! Uke eventually finds out that seme has been promoting his leftover cakes wherever he went, and when the fair has finished, he decides to face seme and forces him to confess that he loves uke, since he himself will never say it, because that would make him the loser. Seme complies and they have happy raburabu time.


The typical smart, handsome and reliable seme who’s arrogant and a bit mean against uke. But in here, they both have their own lives, and seme does respect uke’s feelings. Yes he did rape uke, but afterwards he does realise that what he did was really not-done, and that he can’t expect uke to treat it as something small. Normally a seme would continue to force uke in sexual relationship, but this seme does feel a bit shameful. He’s a bit of a coward, avoiding uke during university-time, and because of the nature of their relationship (badmouthing, acting like they don’t like each other), it’s rather awkward to suddenly confess his feelings to uke.
I also think no matter how much he might complain, he definitely likes to spoil uke ^^


Coarse, hotblooded, simple, and quite courageous actually. It’s thanks to this coarse personality that he’s able to live with his own rapist.  He has the guts (lack of self-awareness) to confront, even if it’s scary. The way how he repeatedly uses the rape-thing as an excuse for seme to cook for him is just too endearing. He easily trusts people and isn’t very guarded. Because of the way he talks, he more often make enemies than friends, but he’s a very nice guy; when his sister forced him out, he didn’t complain to her (he was more whispering to himself).

Dramacd (listened before reading)

As usual, the original is better. The novel has more little details, so the story is better built up. But that doesn’t mean that the dramacd sucks, in fact, I loved it. The BGM was nicely chosen, and there really isn’t anything to complain about an A-cast like JunJun and ToriKou. The biggest difference between novel and drama, is the emphasize on the inferior complex of uke towards seme, and ofcourse, a few minor scenes and conversations were cut. While listening to the cd, I found Suwabe a bit different than usual, but after reading the novel, I understood why; seme is supposed to talk in a lazy, arrogant way. I think Junjun really tried his best! As for drama-uke, novel-uke seemed cuter, but ToriKou gave him a manlier appearance, so I liked this version too!

Rating: 82/100

To be honest, it really isn’t that good of a story ^^; But hey, it hit my moe-points, and the illustrations of Sakuragi-sensei are such eyecandies~~


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