Sukida Nante Ienai!

  • Title: 好きだなんて言えないっ
  • Author: Kouyama Renko
  • Illustrator: Sakurai Shushushu
  • Pairing: Promiscuous best friend x Clueless unrequited love
  • Dramacd: no
    • Seme: / (Koyasu Takehito?)
    • Uke: / (Takeuchi Ken?)
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: NONE (as far as I know)

Kouyama Renko mostly writes smutty stories of no real substance. This book is no exception. In a nutshell: uke suddenly receives a phone call of best friend after 2 years, and when they meet up the next day, that guy confesses he loves him, always loved him, and coerce him into some lovemaking. All highly original of course :D No brainbreaker, but still very amusing.

Seme and uke went to the same highschool, and have known each other for 9 years, but the last two years seme disappeared without a word. Suddenly, seme calls uke’s company, and requests to meet uke the next day. Uke’s gay kouhai from college warns uke for seme, but uke doesn’t listen and has dinner with seme anyway. They talk about their work and love life, but seme seems to misunderstand something. Nevertheless, uke becomes drunk and when he wakes up, he’s in seme’s apartment. Then he gets attacked by impatient seme, who claims he has loved uke deeply ever from highschool! Before uke realises what’s going on, seme has his way with uke. It appears that seme did on purpose disappear two years ago, but only in a desperate attempt to break off their relation as “best friends”. He expected that since uke worked in a publishing company and him being a famous illustrator, uke would easily find seme’s address and contact him eventually. But seme has been waiting in vain for two years, still holding himself back thanks to the advice of another friend. When he got hold of a rumor that uke was a couple with kouhai, he exploded. How could his beloved has been eaten by another bastard while he was waiting like some fool? So he hatched the original plan to make uke his; with the help of alcohol and his accumulated experience he’ll make uke crazy for his amazing sex skills! At first uke doesn’t know how to react to his ardent confession, so seme promises to wait for uke’s response (yet continues to kiss and fondle him anyway). Back at work, kouhai insists on confirming whether he has slept with seme; seme apparently has a nasty reputation as the promiscuous gay who ruthlessly seduces other men, only to dump them not long later. Kouhai is afraid that seme is only playing with uke, he even saw seme in Ginza with another guy the day before! Flushed uke tries to deny he slept with seme, and even though his mind knows seme too well that he wouldn’t play a longtime friend like uke, he still doubts seme. Afterall, uke has witnessed too many dumped girls in the past. That day, his superior requests uke to accompany a colleague to see her favourite indie band. Unexpectedly, he meets a former jealous lover of seme, who breaks uke’s cellphone (uke was talking with seme) and almost strangles uke to death! Luckily, uke is saved by the other band member, who happens to be seme’s good friend, the love-advisor. This friend apologies for his partner, and assures uke that seme is totally serious about uke, he has never seen seme so satisfied before when they met in Ginza the other day. With this confirmation, uke realises he loves seme too. Back at seme’s place, worried seme presumes that uke has been raped by kouhai and initiates some “healing” sex. With some effort, uke manages to get rid of that conjecture. In their lovemaking, seme forces uke to say he loves him.. From then on, they fully start to enjoy each other’s company, and uke still is bestest friends with his kouhai, much to seme’s disdain. But when kouhai’s superior appears who clearly lusts after uke, seme and kouhai agree to collaborate when superior takes advantage of kouhai’s absence. This is because everyone in the company believes in the false rumor of kouhai-uke couple. In the aftermath, seme realises kouhai did this in order to separate the couple; if seme dashes in and witnesses superior trying to do something naughty to uke, he’d most certainly hit the superior, which in turn would make it difficult for uke, and damage seme’s reputation. This crack could mean the end of their happy life together. Seme and kouhai meet again, and seme is once again disgusted by kouhai’s two-faced personality. So he wasn’t too thrilled when he hears from uke that he has been promoted to a branch company who’s affiliated to kouhai’s grandfather’s company! As a counterattack, he “suggests” to uke to live together.When uke doesn’t immediately agree, seme decides he’ll just force uke with his body the next day.

I took the liberation to rearrange the story a bit. In the novel, the author would switch the point of views, for instance, in the middle she added the story how seme realised his feelings for uke.

Almost a comical character, so for this seme, Sakurai Shushushu’s portration fits him so well. From the chapters whereas seme does his story, we can conclude that he’s actually a simple guy whose head is filled with uke. Through his rose-coloured spectacles, every action of uke is lovely and endearing. He claims that the reason why he slept so much around lies within uke; his sexual urges came from uke’s sweet smiles, and when he switched to guys, he only slept for the experience and would only pick those who resembled uke. He doesn’t hide his promiscuous past, and in their lovemaking he likes to talk dirty to the embarrassed uke. Out of bed, he’s actually quite attentive to uke’s needs (though superficial if you ask me). To say he’s overpossessive of uke, would be an understatement. Currently, this horny guy seems like he’s trying to catch up for their lost 2 years.

Even though uke was very vexed when his previous girlfriend left him for some rich bald fatso, it’s clear that this airhead forgets his frustration quite easily, he even forgot about the fact that his kouhai introduced his then girlfriend to that fatso! Ppl consider him quite dense, but through his narration the reader does understand the uke’s view of the world. Thanks to his pretty baby face, skills at work and being the acknowledged gay partner of famous heir kouhai, girls all adore him. Currently, he’s picking the fruits of seme’s vast experience in bed. Even though he gets all embarrassed while hearing and complying to seme’s pervy requests, he”s honest enough to admit that he doesn’t dislike fulfilling them.

Rating: 66/100

Why such a high rating? I admit it took me a tremendous amount of effort to buy the story, and more importantly, to take a character like seme serious. But best friends, unrequited love and total seme’s dedication? My favourites! Unfortunately, like uke, I found seme’s confession just too sudden, it ruined the heart wrenching love that seme supposedly was harbouring for uke-san. It was like the author was writing the story just for the sake of these themes. Maybe it was done on purpose, to feel shocked like uke when reading the passages. Nevertheless, it made seme come off as a total imbecile. Fortunately, I then turned to a few chapters further, and read the chapter about how seme fell in love with uke, and then returned back to where I stopped. That way, seme’s obsession with uke was so much easier to digest. They’re very cute together, and I don’t think they will ever break up. I did laugh a few times when seme is boasting about his past sex life, who does that in front of his beloved one? And even though uke was a bit jealous, in the end he even admired seme’s great skills? Hahahahaha! Anyway, this is the most ecchi novelist that I have ever encountered, 5 superdetailed karami scenes, comprising first-time, lovelove, cosplay, aphrodisiac and vibrator, and uke begging for seme while raising his hips. What’s missing: riding seme, mirror, toilet and maybe some recording/pics.


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