Uso wo Mitsukete

  • Title: 嘘を見つけて
  • Author: Hizaki Yuu
  • Illustrator: Nishimura Shuuko
  • Pairing: Arrogant colleague x Traumatised salaryman
  • Dramacd: no
    • Seme: / (Morikawa Toshiyuki ?)
    • Uke: / (Kamiya Hiroshi?)
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: NONE (as far as I know)

While the impression wasn’t very deep, at least it wasn’t a negative one. Basically, it’s about this salaryman who suddenly realises he’s in love with his womanizer colleague. He has issues with his sexuality due to a past trauma, so he doesn’t dare to confess. Everything is very convenient, and we have a happy ending.

Uke is a regular guy who works in an insurance company. One day, he gets dumped by his ‘longtime girlfriend’ in a cafe, and it just so “happens” that his colleague (seme) was sitting just behind them.. This colleague has a nasty reputation concerning love affairs, is smooth and arrogant, exactly the type uke is uncomfortable with, and unfortunately that guy’s desk is just next to him, only sitting 1meter apart. (jpn offices are rather cramped) So amused seme tries to provoke uke, which uke tries to ignore, but when he sees seme kissing a woman who’s supposed to be married soon, uke gives seme a preach, stirring seme up. Because of his bad mood, uke starts to drink too much, and is brought back home by a colleague…. and that person turns out to be our very own seme! When uke discovers the identity of his helper, not only does he not thank him, in his despair he asks seme to leave his apartment, his sanctuary, treating seme like some animal in heat, as he’s comfortable with anyone to do “that”. Seme doesn’t take this lightly, and shows uke that even if you hate someone, your body will respond, that even a pro-fessor of love like uke would react. After uke came, seme leaves the sobbing uke. When uke shows up at work two days later, they have this awkward atmosphere between them, whereas uke tries to ignore seme as much as possible. That’s because uke has found out his true feelings; from the moment he set his eyes on seme, he knew that seme meant trouble, and that he’d be hopelessly in love with seme if not taking the right precautions. But heaven is working against uke, as he’s forced to work with seme on the same client, and when they suddenly meet in the desolate archives room, seme confronts uke why uke’s ignoring him. Panicked uke doesn’t want to continue their conversation and is purposely mean in order to chase seme away. As expected, seme gets angry, instead of leaving uke, he molests uke yet again, and even copies his naked butt to remind uke not to disregard seme! Seme does seem to feel a bit guilty though, and then leaves. From then on seme’s attitude at work changes, he doesn’t frolic and have long chats with the girls anymore. While the conversations aren’t long or deep, seme and uke exchange some words, and uke is happy, as he’s satisfied with a few stolen glances. But another storm arrives in the form of an old schoolmate in some eating place, it’s the schoolmate who’s responsible for uke’s unyielding inner wall! Luckily seme saves the maid in distress, as he was sitting just behind them..  As always, mishap doesn’t come alone, and a virus attack on uke’s laptop causes uke to redo work that was already done halfway. Everyone encourages uke, but no one offers help, except for seme. So his month becomes filled with working overtime, he gets help of female colleague eventually who then suddenly confesses to him. Uke declines, he does admire the girl though, for having the courage to confess to him, something he is unable to. As the deadline approaches, he meets old schoolmate again, who subtly threatens uke. Once again, our shining knight appears and the story reaches it’s climax! Seme confronts uke, and since uke still refuses to talk, seme threatens to start his own investigation, to find out why uke loathes him that much. Uke finally realises there’s no way out, and spills that he loves him, and then explains to seme the trauma of his youth; the abuse he received when he confessed to old schoolmate. Not only did he reject uke in an awful way, he also publicly humiliated poor innocent uke, thus becoming a total outsider in school… Seme silently listens, and confesses that he… loved uke too all this time! All the times they coincidently met, were no coincidences at all! After solving their misunderstandings, they consummate their love in the dirty archives room, and become disgustingly loveydovey. Of course, seme solves problem with old schoolmate, and supposedly, they live happy ever after.

Handsome, arrogant, able in work and always wearing that smug smile. He looks manly and mature on the surface, but as pointed out by a female colleague, he’s actually very childish, doesn’t think over his own actions nor their consequences, and throws a fit when things don’t go his way. He’s true to his own desires, doesn’t follow convenience and absolutely has no patience. He’s a smooth talker and can deal with any situation, but only with uke he’s more than once at loss. Women come to him like flies, but he only regards them as sex-cattle and doesn’t regret dumping them for uke. Has special stalk-abilities.

Due to a trauma in middle school, uke has always denied his true nature ie. being gay and thus acts as the outer world expects him to. He looks good, is oversensitive and rather aloof, just the opposite of seme. Uke actually envies seme’s free nature, which is why he’s so attracted to him. He’s very sensitive to others’ opinions which cause him to make up little lies in order to let them have a better impression of him. Deep inside, he’s quite the romantic, always longing for seme, and realising at the same time, that the main reason why he will always remain alone, lies in himself. He does accept this reality though.

Rating: 64/100

Highschool romance in a salarymen-setting? Overall, it was a nice read, maybe too convenient, but the characters are fleshed out, and I could understand uke’s rollercoaster of emotions (even if he’s oversensitive and girly). If I have to nitpick, like uke, I also don’t understand why seme loves uke, since uke hasn’t been anything but hostile against seme, and even if uke is pretty, seme has enough experience to neglect such an aspect. I had to laugh when uke tells himself that the love he feels for seme is real, incomparable to that time in middleschool. He never had a real conversation with seme, and he calls that real love? As implied in the summary, the tooth-aching sweet ending was too much, even for me.


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