Fuushi Katei wa Oowarawa!

  • Title: 父子家庭は大わらわ!
  • Author: Mito Izumi
  • Illustrator: Kourin Seiji
  • Pairing: Useless father x Spunky son
  • Dramacd: no
    • Seme: /
    • Uke: /
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: NONE (as far as I know)

Only a half summary, as I haven’t read the last half, and will never read it. I’m sure there are shota-fans out there who will enjoy this book, but unfortunately, I’m not one of them. I picked this book in the hope for some incest angst,  of course, that element was absent. I should have known better once I discovered the uke was still a primary school student…

After 11(?) years of absence, uke meets father (seme) for the first time. His mom died when he was still a baby, and from then on he was raised by his paternal grandfather. Uke is immediately attracted by his father, with looks of an angel, and has such sad eyes… which is the reason why he takes his father in protection when he’s being scolded by grandfather. Uke decides to go live with his father, only to regret it not long after, as his father really is a useless bum. At 29, he has no job and his only interests are drinking and gambling. A year passes, no day passes without uke continuously lecturing and fighting (one-sided) his dad, and uke can’t help but complain to his friend how useless his father is. One day a beautiful woman passes by, who wishes to meet father. It happens that father had saved her, and she came to show her gratitude. Uke really has his doubts, and it turns out father only fought off some hoodlums in one of his drunken states. Next day, grandfather rushes in, he first scolds father, then reveals that the woman is the granddaughter of some wealthy landowner, and has expressed her wish to marry father. Uke is exasperated, who would want this useless guy, father should be his alone! He goes off to her mansion with the aim to talk her out of the whole wedding-plan, only to finally find a slammed door before his face. The woman then visits their house, claiming that it’s a misunderstanding and shows some shocking pictures, in which a drunken seme has dressed uke in old clothes of his deceased wife? And in some of them their cheeks are even kissing! Turns out the reason why she was so cold towards uke was of jealousy!  Uke objects that it was due to alcohol, and that in reality, seme doesn’t feel anything for uke. He turns to father for confirmation, but seme’s face has turned scarlet red! So the woman leaves, far from being convinced. That night, uke reacts by sleeping in another room, you know, just in case and has the strangest dream where he watches a wanton self is having sex with his father! Next day, he has a fight with his father about the possible marriage and then storms out in tears when father asks why he should ask uke’s permission to remarry. Uke meets friend, who already guessed uke’s true feelings, and advises uke to dress in his mother’s clothes to convince father not to remarry.  When uke comes home, he only finds a drunk seme in the living room, and when he finishes his attire, father appears and… pushes him down. Father has his way with little uke, and uke thinks since father is drunk, he would forget about it the next day anyway, so at least that night, father would be his. At the scene however, the woman appears, and witnesses their lovemaking and cries of “loving each other”. Turns out, father had invited her, and originally intended to turn her down in a drunken, miserable state, but when uke appeared in his mother’s clothes, the outcome became like this… Later, uke tells father that he should take responsibility for taking his first time,  thus their unusual relationship starts. Rest of the book I only skimmed, some cosplay, Valentine chocolate and jealousy.

29 years jobless guy, who only has his looks and kind personality. Throughout the book, he remains useless and jobless. Not much can be said about him besides him being a huge pervert with no morals whatsoever.

12year old primary student, smart with angelic looks, and a huge father complex. He’s always scolding his father, and I suspect that he rather enjoys it.  Wants to monopolise his father.

Rating: 14/100

Now here’s a BL-rule, a seme can be the biggest asshole in the world. He may be stupid, worthless and whatsoever. But what a seme can never be, is being an ugly lad. At least ukes can be commonlooking, but in that case, they must be clueless and innocent. Conclusion: no more shota. I can’t give up on this author though, Zettai Fukujuu had one of the cutest uke in drama-world, but maybe ToriKou plays a factor in my bias. This book lacked everything I look in a BL: interesting characters, decent character-development, and a plausible growth of love. Really, this book was such a waste of my time.


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