Rakuen no Uta 1 (and a bit of 2)

  • Title: 楽園のうた 1
  • Original novel by Suzufuji Miwa
  • Illustrator: Kazuaki
  • Pairing: Arrogant pop singer x Feisty emoboy
  • Seiyuu:
    • Main pairing: Midorikawa Hikaru x Kamiya Hiroshi
    • Additional cast: Hirakawa Daisuke, Tagaki Motoko, Morikubo Shoutarou, etc
  • Summary based on BLCD
  • Availability in English: none (as far as I know)

Listened to Rakuen no Uta 2 some time ago, and was a bit disappointed. Upon discovering  there was a continuation on Rakuen no Uta, I literally squirmed in delight.  The seiyuu did an excellent job though, love the pairing, but the sequel felt so lukewarm compared to its precedent. Their interaction missed a bit of its usual spark. Midorikawa-san’s  singing voice really caught my attention when I first heard Pandora~save your heart~, it was my first time to hear him sing. I hoped for a full version in the sequel, but alas, my hope was not fulfilled. Just a note, my listening comprehension is bad, so there are definitely mistakes, *shrugs*.

track 1
Rakuen no Uta 1 is about this angsty emoboy Nachi (HiroC), who storms into his twin sister’s room after hearing a song with suspicious lyrics. Turns out she applied the poem he had written to popular band Kix’ contest. The poem was used and turned into a song called Pandora~save your heart~. Unable to properly vent his anger, he demands the band’s email, and proceeds to send provoking emails. The exchanges are rather ferocious, he won’t criticise the melody, but the lyrics are terrible. The receiver immediately defends his fan, the poem was wonderful, how dares he insulting her? Nachi responds that the lyrics must be written by some middle schooler. The topic moves on, Nachi insults the guy, and when the guy demands to know his identity, Nachi sends a last email and closes his mobile, not wanting to receive any mails anymore. But Rimu (the sister), storms in his room, there’s phone for Nachi. The caller turns out to be the guy he sent angry mails to, Shin, the lead singer of Kix! Nachi’s taken aback by this sudden call, and halfheartedly apologises, excusing himself that he was just worried about his sister. But Shin doesn’t take this excuse, those mails totally conveyed a different message. Besides, that poem was written by Nachi right? Nachi doesn’t answer his question, requests not to call him again, hangs up, and throws Rimu out of his room. The old wounds he tried to forget have opened again.
track 2
Not long after, he’s tricked by his sister and lead to where Kix are. After realising this, he tries to flee, but is caught by Shin. Shin is surprised by Nachi’s looks, from Rimu’s stories he didn’t imagine this sullen guy this boring thick glasses and ridiculous long bangs. Nachi doesn’t want anything to do with this singer anymore, but Shin insists, threatening to spread rumors about him and Rimu. What’s Shin’s motive? Well, according to the guy himself, he just wants to get to know Nachi a bit better. Nachi is then introduced to the rest of the members Haruka and Kengo, and that’s how he gets acquainted with Kix whether he likes it or not. From their exchange it becomes very clear that they like to make fun of their lead singer. Shin composed the song himself, so he takes Nachi’s criticism very personally. That time, Shin was touched when reading the poem. He asks why he was so mean, to mail that the lyrics seem to be written by a middle schooler. Can’t be helped right, he wrote it when he was a second year, 3 years ago. Shin is impressed, declares he won’t let go of Nachi until the latter confesses he thinks the song and Shin are cool, and flirts a bit with Nachi. Can it be that he is confusing him with Rimu? Well, Rimu is cute, but… (leans closer). How about a kiss? Nachi refuses, because he seems to be self-centered and unskilled. Haruka walks in, and laughs, amused how Shin’s pride has taken a blow.
Track 3
On his way, he meets someone he has avoided for the past 3 years. It’s his senpai he has dated, and that guy is the very cause of the current glasses and bangs-style. Senpai claims he had been looking all over for him, after these 3 years, he hasn’t forgotten about Nachi, he still loves him. Can’t they start anew? Nachi retorts (gently) that the one he loves should be Rimu. Three years ago, he overheard them, that even though Rimu and Nachi look so much alike, Nachi is still a guy. It’s a misunderstanding! He was young at the time, and didn’t want to tell his friends that he’d go out with Nachi because he loved Nachi, even if he’s a guy. This comes as a big shock, so he has been angsting and brooding for nothing the last 3 years? However, the pain is still too deep, and he firmly tells senpai that he doesn’t love senpai anymore, and doesn’t want to meet him anymore. Senpai insists however, and Nachi pulls away from senpai, going home all confused. Yes, because they look too much alike, Nachi started to mask his pretty looks in order not to resemble his twin sister. His tongue and heart have also undergone changes and have become poisonous and distrustful. The poem was written right after the breakup, which is why he was so angry, because it reminded him of that miserable time. Right after, Shin calls and “asks him” to be present at their show the following day.
Track 4
First, there is a little interview, and Shin mentions this stray cat that has picked his interest lately. Too bad he not honest at all. While the girls are squirming, Nachi realises Shin is talking about HIM. Then Kix performs, it’s the first time he has ever heard the title or full song. And he remembers again, not only the agony and anger, but the harmony of the 2 background singers also reminded him that that time he had longed for someone to hold and care for him. Tears fall, he’s deeply moved. After the song, Shin calls, Nachi tells him it’s a good song, and that he’ll definitely buy the album. They were cool. So there’s no need for Shin to contact him anymore. Of course, he’ll erase the number, and wishes them well. Hangs up.
Track 5
Feelings refreshed by the song and leaving his past behind, he bumps into senpai. Nachi totally forgot about senpai’s confession, and they exchange their phone numbers. Behind him he hears a very angry voice. Shin’s disgruntled how Nachi can so easily give away his phone number, while he erased his. They’re in a busy shopping district, and Shin isn’t disguised very well, so they run, leaving senpai behind. Nachi asks why he cares so much about him, and Shin doesn’t know the answer, he just knows that the thought of being hated by Nachi, makes his stomach hurt. Nachi bursts in laughter, and agrees to be friends.
Track 6
A bit later, he’s called out by Haruka, and is forced to appear in a perfume CM together with Shin. The theme is unisex, so Nachi is heavily made up by Sakura-san. Nachi’s only condition was not to make him look like Rimu. After the transformation Shin is awed, is that the glasses guy? In the video clip there isn’t supposed to be a kiss-scene, but Shin plants a deep one anyway.
Track 7
Shin continues to be part of Nachi’s life, one day he comes home, and is surprised by Shin, who acts like he’s at home. Apparently, he agreed with Rimu to eat together, but they can’t eat out because of Shin’s status. The two of them force Nachi to cook for them. Because Shin came by car and drank some alcohol, he is to stay over and sleeps in Nachi’s room. They have a hearty talk, and Shin’s touched by Nachi’s honest praise for his work (but still hates Shin), and as a good seme, he just has to take advantage of the situation by kissing the latter. He might be serious about Nachi. The following days Nachi’s pestered by mails from Haruka and Kengo, teasing him about him and Shin.
Track 8
Nachi is meeting senpai. They have an agreeable conversation, when senpai suddenly brings Rimu up, whether she already has a boyfriend. Nachi tries not to think much of it. Senpai advises Nachi to get rid of the glasses and bangs, and then they separate. Nachi sees Rimu, who asks whether that guy is Nachi’s senpai of club activities. Since it has been so long time ago, she can tell Nachi now. That guy confessed to her, twice even, and made her promise not to tell her brother. Realising the truth, Nachi runs, and receives a call from Shin. Unlike usually (he lets it ring several times), he takes the phone almost immediately, and demands Shin to tell him that he likes Nachi. Shin asks for Nachi’s whereabouts, and because Shin hasn’t said the words he desired to hear, he yells at him that he hates him the most.
Track 9
Shin called Sakura-san to pick Nachi up. Nachi does his story, and the gentle man comforts Nachi. Shin then walks in, apparently, he has heard the story. Unlike Sakura, he scolds Nachi for being stupid to like such a person. Sakura leaves and then they are left with the two of them. Nachi apologised for the bother, but Shin tells him he doesn’t need to, it’s only natural to be worried about the guy he likes. Shin likes him? But didn’t Shin say he isn’t his type at all. Just when Shin is about to take Nachi to his house, Ichiya enters, who only adds salt to the wound. How can Shin be interested in this glasses guy? Shin is impatient though, and they leave.
Track 10
Getting intimate, but not going all the way.
Track 11
Next morning, Nachi is exasperated about last night. Shin is shocked to learn that it was his first time, didn’t he go out with that guy before? They talk, and Nachi confesses he has no confidence in loving Shin. Afterall, Shin lives in a total different world as a famous person. Well it can’t be helped. But, thanks to Shin, Nachi was able to forget about senpai. Then Nachi goes to school, and Shin is very reluctant to let him go… steals a kiss, and makes Nachi angry again.

Chou ore-sama attitude. Egocentric, arrogant and straightforward. He might be a bit childish, but he’s also very serious about his profession. Because he’s so insensitive, he’s able to undergo Nachi’s verbal abuse. He’s respected by his teammates, but they like to make fun on Shin’s expense.

The word “emoboy” is made for him, be it looks or personality. he’s rather impulsive and can be very unreasonable because of his menstruation sensitivity. Seems like he’s only nasty to certain persons.

Excellent couple. Midorikawa-san is perfect as the arrogant superstar, and no one can pin down a tsundure/queen like HiroC. The rest of the cast was ok too I guess, but they didn’t have big roles so it didn’t really matter. Hirakawa-san was good in portraying this wishy washy senpai. He probably didn’t mean any harm, but he did hurt uke with his actions.

Rating: 79/100

Lots of points for seiyuu and BGM. Story was secondary :p I just loved their interaction. When Shin says A, Nachi is purposely B, Shin gets angry, and then they have one of those cute quarrels. They still have their little fights in volume 2, but I feel the edge is gone :/

About the sequel that I only vaguely remember: It’s filled with little fluffiness, and isn’t much of a story. Recommended if you’re in the mood for some fluff, too bad I wasn’t at that time. Shin and Nachi have just begun dating. Shin invites both Nachi and Rimu to some club, and Nachi suddenly finds himself alone with Ichiya. Ichiya is the backdancer who insulted him before.  He’s actually not a bad guy, and is surprised that boring glasses guy is actually that gorgeous creature from the perfume CM. Jealous Shin comes back and takes Nachi with him. At first Nachi is dishonest like usual, how can he be jealous due to Shin if there’s no love? But seeing a hurt Shin he finally confesses that he loves Shin. Later, Nachi is to cook for Shin at his place, but the other members of Kix have invited themselves in so much to Shin’s dismay, they eat together. When they’re finally gone, they have their fluffy “real” first time.  Nachi meets Ichiya again. Ichiya already guessed their true relationship and since Ichiya always says what’s in his mind, he tells Nachi that he’s surprised that Shin is dating a guy. Even with girls his relationships never lasted longer than 2 weeks. But then again, Shin has never looked so infatuated before? This worries emoboy enormously, who still has no confidence in himself. Some time passes, and they go to the beach together and enjoy each others’ companionship. Nachi is very happy, because those two weeks have passed long before. They also have a pairing phonestraps, Shin has the “key” to Nachi’s “lock”. Because Nachi is such an emoboy, he’s still angsting, lately Shin is coming home very late. Also, senpai is still bugging him with mails, requesting to get back together again. Finally Nachi gives in and they meet. He tells senpai that he already has someone he likes, and even serves a punch under the belt, asking not to get close to Rimu again. Senpai can’t retort. Like this he finally turned the page concerning his first love. When Nachi goes to where Shin is working, the place is flooded by fangirls. In order to get in, he buys some gel and sunglasses, and enters the building, pretending like he’s a newbie in showbiz (afterall, Nachi has the looks). They leave the building together after Nachi is made up just like he looked in the perfume CM. The girls are all in awe and the group manages to escape without much difficulties. The reason why Shin is coming back so late has also been revealed. Shin actually has two living places, and he needs to go to his old house first in order to appease the crazy fangirls. In the epilogue, Nachi is in university and writes the lyrics for Kix. Shin is still jealous and possessive, even more now since Nachi has abandoned his glasses changed his hairstyle, and spreading his pheromones.

Here’s a part of “Pandora ~save your heart~“. Midorikawa-san’s voice is wonderful, ne~? Feel free to click on the play-button <3


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  1. olibaba
    Jun 27, 2010 @ 17:29:32

    I want the full song, anyone have it?


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