Ousama na Neko 2

  • Title: 王様な猫 2:  王様な猫のしつけ方
  • Author: Akuzuki Koo
  • Illustrator: Kasumi Ryouwa
  • Pairing: Young nekomata x Poor (ex-) pet sitter
  • Dramacd: no
    • Seme: /
    • Uke: /
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: NONE (as far as I know)

The continuation of the cute fantasy-story! In this volume, Shirou meets Mitsuo’s household, and Mitsuo meets other members of Shirou’s special race. Will Mitsuo fall in love with this haughty, yet adorable Cat? Or will they continue their cat-and-mouse-game (cat-and-fish rather)? The answer is within one click!

Since the first installment, a few days have passed. Shirou’s fever has gone down already, and Mitsuo is still reflecting how things should go from now on. Shirou demands a kiss, which Mitsuo of course refuses to, and after some discussion, whereas Mitsuo is explaining (in vain) to this egocentric Shirou, Shirou pushes Mitsuo down. Enters the scene: Atsuo. If Mitsuo was hoping for any help, then he’s deeply disappointed. Atsuo observes, and comments that he should find Mitsuo’s weak spots, like in the AV-scenes. Very displeased, Mitsuo requests to return home, and doesn’t suspect that Atsuo wants Shirou go with him!  Mitsuo reasons with Atsuo that Shirou should find a female as a partner, surely it won’t do Shirou any good to have him live with Mitsuo right? Atsuo answers that Mitsuo is absolutely right, it’s desirable for Shirou to have offspring, but in order to do so, he should get accustomed to society first, which would higher the chances of picky Shirou finding someone to his liking. Unexpectedly Shirou protests, he wants to live in his own territory together with Mitsuo, or does it mean that Mitsuo doesn’t want to live with Shirou? Menacing eyes befall on Mitsuo. Feeling the threat of being violated again, Mitsuo hastily lies that he loves Shirou. He then hoped that the storm would have calmed down, but Atsuo, that nasty guy, makes clear to Shirou that Mitsuo has obviously been lying, and the reason is the fear of getting physical with Shirou. Unlike what Shirou thinks, that it only hurts the first time, there’s a difference in anatomy between male and female. The easiest way to explain this difference, is having Shirou experience it firsthand, and then he orders Shirou to lie on the bed. Mitsuo isn’t able to see it thoroughly due to Atsuo’s back obstructing his view, but from Shirou’s reaction, twisting his face in pain and turning back into Theta, he understands that Atsuo has used his finger. So the only way for Mitsuo not feeling afraid of copulating, is to find a way not to hurt him while penetrating. (Mitsuo: Don’t call it copulating!)Mitsuo has enough of this absurd situation and  slowly sneaks away when the other two are lost in their discussion how to deploy their tactics. Unfortunately for him, Zem appears, and worsens the situation by suggesting to practice in person. The trio tries to overthrow poor Mitsuo, and it’s then that he snaps. He can’t bear to have his feelings and thoughts disregarded again and again by those selfish Cats, and opens the window, intending to commit suicide. On time, he’s held back by Atsuo and Zem. Due to the shock, their tails have flopped out, and with the clothes obstructing the growth, the tails are hurting like hell! They immediately trust Mitsuo to Shirou, and hurriedly undress their pants, freeing their poor tails. Mitsuo finds this scene just too hilarious, two grown-ups petting their tail, and looses all will to die at once. When Mitsuo makes clear that even though he adores Theta, he doesn’t care about Shirou, it then finally strikes Alpha (who has returned to his original form). Their problem doesn’t origin in his fear of getting intimate with Shirou, it’s a question of feelings! Mitsuo, seeing that they are still unable of self-reflection and, like cats are famous for, think that the world revolves around them, decides to give up. He suggests they just to go with the hypnotism-plan, and never let him wake up of this illusion (or he swears, hell will break loose!). That’s the only way for Mitsuo to love Shirou and accept him as a person to be intimate with. Zem finds it a great idea. Not only is Shirou’s wish fulfilled, chances are bigger for Shirou to get tired of a boring hypnotised Mitsuo. Afterwards he’ll find a decent girl as a partner, and they’ll just erase Mitsuo’s memories by then, killing two birds with one stone.  But Shirou passionately opposes, he doesn’t want this artificial love. The other two Cats comply, commenting that they can hypnotise Mitsuo anytime if Shirou fails. While Mitsuo is relieved, he realises it’s only a delay in execution. He comforts himself, that in a way, Shirou is like a pet who needs to be drilled to become a full member of society. So if he drills Shirou well, Mitsuo will never be in danger again!
So like this, Shirou goes to live with Mitsuo.
His mom is delighted to have such a handsome guy in the house, but because father is coming back the next day, Mitsuo is forced to share his room with him. Of course there are obstacles, like the golden retriever. Shirou decides to deal with him his own way, by starting a fight and show him who’s the stronger one. Mitsuo feels pitiful for his cowering dog… The second problem is that Shirou has never taken a bath alone before, and Mitsuo is forced to help him. By acting spoilt, the Cat manages to convince Mitsuo to let Shirou wash him as a practice, and of course he gets excited. After getting assured that Shirou won’t do anything, Mitsuo tells him to make it disappear. Shirou answers no matter how much he loves Mitsuo, he won’t cut his thingy just because Mitsuo wants him to. Ah, Mitsuo laughs, can it be doesn’t know masturbation? So, he shows Shirou. Somehow, by controlling his thingy, Mitsuo feels superior over this guy who’s taller, more handsome and probably smarter too (before, Mitsuo’s brother taught him how to masturbate). But these feelings of superiority slowly ebb away, when he notices that he’s excited too! Shirou also has noticed it, smiled wickedly, and they proceed to relieve each other. Mitsuo realises this is turning very VERY bad.
Classes are starting soon, and thanks to Shirou, they get forced into the photography-club. Mitsuo’s hopes of not attracting too much attention are broken in smithereens thanks to Zem. This flashy guy is a supermodel, and has brought his whole harem of famous ppl to congratulate Shirou for his first day in university. After strolling around for some time, he declares the university is too small, that Shirou should transfer to another school, and then leaves as he pleases, not having any self-awareness what commotion he has caused. That day, after being pestered by curious girls, Atsuo picks them up in his car. Apparently, there’s a party in commemoration of Shirou attaining adulthood and an official introduction of Mitsuo as Shirou’s wife. Mitsuo tries to think ways to escape, but unfortunately, he sits between Atsuo and Shirou… The gathering happens in the same mansion where Mitsuo met the three cats for the first time. They receive all kinds of luxurious presents and then, they enter the room. Following the tradition, Sigma is to be greeted first. He warns Shirou that he must be prepared to fight off many rivals that are entranced with his “wife”’s wonderful scent. He also sees a crown on Shirou’s head, and that Shirou will face many trials. Mitsuo is immediately smitten by the gorgeous silver-haired man with a divine aura around him, and requests whether he may touch him. Everyone gasps for breath out of shock, but Sigma just smiles. He then transforms into a beautiful white cat and lets Mitsuo thoroughly pet him. Other visitors named after Greek letters are Lambda, Omega, Tau, Xi and his twin brother, Mu. Mu didn’t find his Cat Crown so he remained a cat. Apparently, those with Greek letters are the direct descendants of their race, and are the only ones capable of transformation. There are other visitors too, but they carry common names. While they possess certain characteristics owning to their race, they weren’t born as cats, so they’re the indirect descendants. Mitsuo also gets to meet both Zem and Atsuo’s Cat Crown, respectively, the designer of his new suit, and the other still being a young girl of 13 . Since Mitsuo is full of prejudice, he immediately gets angry with Atsuo, how could he… that time she must have only been 4 years old! Atsuo just laughs it away, but his Cat Crown gets angry, and they get into a short argument. With Shirou socialising with others, Mitsuo is a bit bored. Xi requests Mitsuo to accompany his twin-brother Mu, who’s in the other room. Since Mitsuo loves animals, and pities Mu for staying single for the rest of his life (there are no female directs in their race anymore), he complies, not realising he was duped. There, he is attacked by Xi and two of his other, indirect brothers, in the hope to fueling up Mu’s desire to become human. Afterall, Mitsuo really smells delicious… A door opens, and Tau comes in. Mitsuo thinks help has come, but that obnoxious Cat only comments “I’m second”, and just patiently waits. Mu tries to help Mitsuo, but he’s no match to his little brothers. In his mind, Mitsuo is crying for help, for Shirou, for a miracle, and just when Xi is inserting his finger, Shirou saves the day! The two transform and fight, and in this tumult, the lady of the house (Mrs. Nabeshima) breaks the fight up. While Mitsuo is happy that the worst part is over, he gets deeply hurt when no one clearly cares what happened to him. In fact, the lady even blames him that he wasn’t careful enough! In such state of mind, he bursts into tears when a patched up Shirou inquires whether Mitsuo is alright. Atsuo, a doctor, recommends licking to treat Shirou’s wounds, and they proceed doing so. Shirou requests Mitsuo’s help, and somehow, Mitsuo is led to a position where they kiss. With his buttocks sticking out, Atsuo wants to check any wounds on Mitsuo’s bottom, so he allows the body-strange fingers in his ass, only to discover that those fingers are…. Shirou’s! His furious expression was so scary, that it made Shirou turn back into Theta, with hanging ears. Mitsuo doesn’t have the heart to throw a tantrum on the pitiful sly cat, and suggests they go home.
Back home, there’s the confrontation between father and Shirou. Father immediately is taken aback by Shirou when he aggressively announces that Mitsuo is his when father was kissing his son. He recognises those wild eyes and handles him like he would handle any wild animal; Two most important rules: Shirou is not supposed to touch his wife, and this house is father’s territory. Shirou loses against this short battle of dominance, but figures that in the hierarchy, the mother is still placed the highest.
Mitsuo is pestered by his senpai to promote the photography-club. The plan consists of taking pictures of girls with Shirou, and the girls can have the photo developed in their clubroom. The next day they’ll just bait guys with those photos. Other clubs accuse them of fool play, but are easily intimidated by Shirou’s physical way of handling problems. The video-club is dissatisfied, and pulls a prank by throwing bombs while filming the whole scene. The shock causes Shirou to transform and climb into a nearby tree. Fortunately, no one noticed, but the film must surely have recorded it. Mitsuo tries to get the film, but is only beaten up. Theta in the tree feels very ashamed that he can’t transform to help his wife, and when Mitsuo is away to call Atsuo, he decides to get the film and his dignity back by himself. Mitsuo runs after him and witnesses how Theta hypnotises the few club members. Other members are about to enter, and they hide in the storeroom with the tape. Mitsuo reasons that a naked Shirou is to be preferred over a huge cat like Theta, and helps him transform. The members are shocked to find a naked Shirou with another guy (Shirou hid Mitsuo’s face), and as if nothing has happened, Shirou walks away. Their senpai also gets to see them in a compromising situation, luckily he doesn’t make a deal out of it. Ha, Mitsuo’s troubling days are not over yet!

Note: About Hoshikawa Mitsuo’s name, Zem’s Cat Crown translated this as “Shiny fish in the milkway”. Throughout all volumes, the Cats all like to make allusions on this tasty name.

A Cat’s race
Theta grew up in Mrs. Nabeshima’s mansion and never met anyone of his kin before. Theta is the hope of their race, with their nearing extinction in sight. His parents were both indirect descendants, and they somehow managed to give birth to a 99% pure blood. Even when it’s a union of two Cats, the chances are 50% of giving birth to a direct. Sigma holds a high position among their kin in Japan, he can be called a “Wise” because of his direct bloodline (he’s a 100%) and his divine abilities. Currently, Atsuo is researching the reason why they’re diminishing. About their appearance, even with their black hair (exception: Sigma), they don’t look like japanese. It’s like, they have inherited the best characteristics of Asians, Caucasians and Black people.

He’s a very skilled doctor who graduated from Toudai. His beauty is more of the refined gentleman type with glasses and, according to Mitsuo, chuckles very often. As all of his kin, he’s arrogant, tramples over Mitsuo’s feelings and likes to go on his own pace. However, he’s probably the only one of their race that has never seriously sexually attacked Mitsuo before. Because of his age mostly, he’s much more mature than Shirou, and even though he’s egocentric, he’s one of the better ones to grasp Mitsuo’s feelings thanks to his understanding of human society. He’s really related to Shirou, they’re cousins, and he’s also Shirou’s teacher in H and advisor. When he met his Cat Crown, she was one of the cutest, most adorable girls in the world, which is how he became human. Because of her age, they’re not officially married yet, but she is already recognised as his official wife.

Also a cousin of Shirou, he’s flashy, sexy and unfortunately, also has a narcissistic personality. He has studied in several famous international universities, but in the end he has chosen for the job as supermodel. He has long hair, and stands out from the other black cats by the white spot on his forehead. He is a great conversation partner, which is a must when considering the social circle he’s surrounds himself with, and all his lovers and wives are famous ppl who strangely enough get along with each other. One of his favourite arrogant catch-phrases are “Judging from my experience…”

Rating: 84/100
Well, I’m reading the last volume right now, so it’s hard to write an impression on the second book ^^; It was a good runner-up I guess. Both of them are meeting ppl close to their partners, and Mitsuo’s life goes on, starting school again while keeping an eye on Shirou. As expected, the author takes her time to nurture Mitsuo’s feelings for Shirou. Mitsuo really is pitiful, and it’s no wonder why he feels like he’s being played with. Even though they don’t mean to, they just have other perception and values. Shirou is absolutely uncapable of understanding his partner, but he’s still young and quick to learn. This alpha-man-attitude is pretty standard for semes, but in this novel, we actually have a plausible explanation. (Mitsuo: “Of course! Because they’re cats!”)


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