Masutani Yasunori…

Gosh… Fujimi Orchestra (June) had been rotting in my extern for a while, never got around listening to it since I didn’t understand much of it, with all these music jargon and all. So far it’s still not much better, but at least I can grasp the plot better now. Anyway, I just had to fangirl about CD5; the last tracks were so intense! I almost died of moe-ness! Even if you don’t understand much Jpn, I can recommend you listening to those last tracks. The overflowing restrained passion, the sweetness of finally being in mutual love, the seiyuu were amazing! (Morimura faces his feelings for Tounoin) I always thought Masutani Yasunori sounded very passionate in this series, but cd5 really topped all the previous performances! Every word and whisper were full of desire, and when he whispered “Yuuki” when they were alone, I felt like melting hot chocolate ♥. It also helped that he’s not very active in the BL-world, and Okiayu Ryoutarou sounds so young (it was recorded more than 10 years ago after all), so their voices can be counted as “unique for their character”. Oh, and SFX is definitely a must in karami; it sounded so awkward hahahahaha
Haven’t listened to Sony nor Colombia, but I doubt they can beat this couple :D


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