Ousama na Neko 3

  • Title: 王様な猫 3: 王様な猫の陰謀と純愛
  • Author: Akizuki Koo
  • Illustrator: Kasumi Ryouwa
  • Pairing: Young nekomata x Poor (ex-) pet sitter
  • Dramacd: no
    • Seme: /
    • Uke: /
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: NONE (as far as I know)

Volume three turns to be a turning point for Mitsuo, though the trials are even harder in volume four (the fourth is my favourite installment btw). Ah~I also want a giant cat… it doesn’t matter if he can’t transform into a bishie, just want something soft to lie my head on ^^

Our couple has joined a gathering for the newly enrolled freshmen. Even though Mitsuo is already a second year, he tags along because he’s afraid of Shirou drinking more than he’s capable of. Last time, he barely managed leading Shirou to his room before the transformation. Very soon Mitsuo insists on not drinking too much and that it’s about to go home. Shirou refuses,and even meddles into Mitsuo’s conversation with another girl. After hearing Shirou’s nearing departure, one of the more aggressive girls offers a strong drink to Shirou, insisting that he empties it in one go. Fearing the worst, Mitsuo intervenes and drinks the glass for him, planting the first seeds of hate from the girls. Back home, they’re welcomed by the golden retriever. Mitsuo feels guilty towards the recent negligence, and since it has been a while since Shirou could transform into Theta and run freely (as opposed to staying in their cramped house), he decides to take both of them to an abandoned piece of land behind the park.

Once there, he lectures them not to fight, then Shirou leaves Mitsuo behind, after transforming into Theta. Not long later, Mitsuo is struck by panic; is that a cigarette-light? Has someone witnessed Shirou’s transformation? He nears the person and… it’s… dad?! With his photo camera? Mitsuo has no other choice but to call Theta. Theta shows his face and is clearly not bothered by Mitsuo’s father. Instead, his expression seems to be saying “You called me for such a boring reason?”, and walks away, continuing to teach the golden retriever how to hunt. Originally they didn’t get along, but they tried their best for Mitsuo’s sake. Father really was surprised (so he says), but he has encountered all kinds of weird things in his  exotic travels (he’s a photo grapher of wild animals). Theta decides a hypnosis isn’t necessary, as he trusts Mitsuo’s father for not to disclose their race’s secret. Overwhelmed by their difficulties, father proposes that even if he isn’t available most of the time, if there’s anything that’s troubling them, they can always turn to him for advice. Theta immediately grabs this opportunity, there’s indeed something that has been bugging him lately. Mitsuo holds his breath, he isn’t going to complain about Mitsuo refusing to sleep with him right? Fortunately for Mitsuo Theta is talking about how he can’t hold his liquor. Now that’s problem father can help him with, and the solution is simple: just get used to alcohol. He immediately decides to hold a drinking party at home. Mitsuo doesn’t think it’s a good idea, with both mother and the assistant participating. They ignore him nevertheless and everyone agrees to the party. After a few glasses Shirou decides to reveal his identity without warning Mitsuo. After the first shocks they all accept Shirou’s secret. Now that there’s no need to protect Shirou anymore, Mitsuo can drink to his heart’s content. The first to be drunk is Mitsuo. Shirou carries him to their room and takes advantage of Mitsuo’s unguarded state… The next day Mitsuo is tortured by a hangover and blames himself how stupid he was to leave an opening for Shirou. No wonder he wanted to learn how to drink! It was to get Mitsuo drunk! Shirou on the other hand is all smiles and happiness. Ah, when does the mating season end already?

The following Sunday, they go to Nabeshima’s mansion. It’s the only place where Theta can run around freely without worrying being caught. Mitsuo dozes off and then he feels someone kissing and touching him! Atsuo?! Mitsuo tries to resist, but he’s no match to Atsuo’s great skills. Somehow Atsuo’s eyes are different than usual. Enters the scene Theta. But contrary to what Mitsuo feared, Shirou doesn’t attack Atsuo. Instead they discuss Atsuo’s hypothese. If Mitsuo’s odour needs to be rated on a scale of 10, his usual smell would be a 7, which is intoxicating enough for their race. However, when stimulated, the smell becomes a 10. Finally, Mitsuo’s body is very sensitive for pleasure. The two Cats continue their discussion like Mitsuo is air, and then Atsuo requests to borrow Mitsuo from Shirou to relieve his current excited state. Shirou refuses and accepts Atsuo’s proposal to be his partner instead. At first Mitsuo freezes, seeing Shirou orally relieving Atsuo. He’s torn, he doesn’t want his lover Shirou to sleep with another person, yet if he objects it would result in him becoming the victim instead. Unable to watch this scene he leaves the room. Before he closes the door he throws a last look and is awed by how well the two beauties suit each other. For the first time in his life, he’s bitter how common he looks. He isn’t exceptionally handsome, has no special abilities and since it was love at first sight for Theta, it’s not like an outstanding personality did him in. He feels like he’s being disregarded and played by those Cats, since he isn’t special or worthy to be thought of at all. Like this he drowns himself in self loathing, almost to the point of tears. In such state of mind he bumps into Zem. This guy immediately notices Mitsuo’s blueness and tries every method, like persuasion, hypnosis and finally Sigma’s special perfume to make Mitsuo talk. But Mitsuo’s pride is enormous, and after an inner battle with the strong aroma, he faints. When he’s back to consciousness he is very cold to the Cats. He caught some of their conversation and already realised that what happened between Atsuo and Shirou was a plan to stir some jealousy. However, the feelings of inferiority and being played with are still weighing heavily in his heart. Shirou is in panic, Mitsuo has never closed him out like this before, and even after transforming himself into Theta becomes a failure. If Mitsuo, who previously claimed he loathes Shirou but adores Theta, comes to become indifferent to Theta too, then there’s no hope anymore for Shirou. So Theta cries. An enormous cat is crying in front of Mitsuo, with the tears wetting his long whiskers. According to Atsuo it’s impossible for them to cry in their cat-form, so Mitsuo’s attitude must have shaken Theta gravely. Witnessing the pitiful sobbing cat Mitsuo can’t help but break the silence. Zem and Atsuo continue to reason with Mitsuo for Theta’s sake. As if a sluice has opened Mitsuo throws a long tantrum. How Shirou has been applying double standards when Mitsuo isn’t even allowed to talk with a girl. Shirou is allowed to have sex in front of him. If he had any respect for Mitsuo, then he would have done it at least out of his sight. Again and again his feelings are being disregarded. It’s not his fault that his looks aren’t on par as theirs.
Aha, the two Cats call out to Theta, who’s still sobbing in a corner. Don’t worry, all this just means that Mitsuo loves Shirou. Mitsuo is being cross due to this complex emotion that intertwines jealousy and inferiority. Ack! Mitsuo gasps, they totally hit the nail. But, Zem explains, it’s a misunderstanding. Unlike humans who rely heavily on their sense of sight, Cats depend on three different senses to value someone: sight, hearing and smell. In Mitsuo’s case his voice and intonation are very agreeable. His words are frank and true to what’s in his heart. But what makes Mitsuo even more alluring is his smell. Mitsuo just doesn’t realise what a charming being he is for Cats and there really is no need for him to feel any inferior. About why they enacted that scene between Atsuo and Shirou, it was to hurry up the process of Mitsuo falling for Shirou. If they’re no dedicated couple another Cat might try snatch Mitsuo away. With these words he feels a bit comforted and glances to the other Cats. Atsuo already transformed into Alpha and is taking a nap. As for Theta… he has cried himself to sleep…. ah cats…. Mitsuo wakes Theta up and tells him the following. He has finally realised, there’s no way of fleeing Theta. Even if he finds a girl to fall in love with, Shirou would most definitely stand in their way. So currently he has two choices: One is keep struggling and be miserable for life and the other one is trying to love Shirou and have a chance on happiness. He has chosen to try loving Shirou.

Life goes on and they’re heading to college. Even though they have reconciled, Shirou tries his best pleasing Mitsuo. What happened the other day must have hit him hard. He’s obedient, and much to Mitsuo’s horror he’s rude to any girl who’s trying to talk to Shirou. The situation only worsens when he tries to explain them Shirou’s awful behaviour. The girls turn their anger on him, what does he mean with not putting makeup and perfume? (Shirou thinks the girls smell) Senpai from the photography club comes along and basically forces Mitsuo to pay for food, public bath and wash-expenses. He comes to know of senpai’s odd jobs, like washing human corpses and snapping AV-material.

One night a black cat jumps into Mitsuo’s room and starts licking his body. Mistaking the Cat for Theta he allows the touches. Then another cat appears and starts attacking the other! Fearing that Theta might get hurt he helps the other escape. Theta is very angry, why is he protecting the intruder? They continue their quibbling and tired of Theta’s accusations, he yells how he never had any choice to begin with. Even more, Shirou never apologised how he raped him! Theta explains that Alpha advised him that if Mitsuo doesn’t bring the topic up, there’s no need for Shirou to apologise. How… catlike… (you know, when cats make a mess of something they all act innocent until you scold them) Shirou begs for Mitsuo’s forgiveness and Mitsuo then realises he has already forgiven Shirou for a half part, but doesn’t plan telling him that.

Next day the girls surround Mitsuo. They warn him not to hang around Shirou anymore. How pathetic is he? Does he hope for Shirou’s leftovers? Mitsuo figures it’s useless to reason with them and remains silent. This annoys the girls even more and start banging him up, scolding him how unmanly he is not to protect himself. Mitsuo doesn’t want to hit girls and tolerates the kicks. Mitsuo is all bruised and dirty, and his shirt is in a horrible state. A few guys, who were present at the previous gathering, ridicule him. Mitsuo tries to ignore their taunts, but then notices Shirou. He reprimands Mitsuo that he has no pride, which hurts Mitsuo even more than the beating or the taunts. He yells at Shirou that their kinds of pride aren’t the same and runs away. On his run he bumps into senpai. He takes Mitsuo home for a change of shirt. Thanks to senpai’s own way of consideration, Mitsuo feels better. They spend some time together and then Shirou pops up. Mitsuo stills holds a grudge against him, so when Shirou wants to join them in a drink, Mitsuo takes out the condition of Shirou paying for everything. Shirou agrees, but he wants to choose the bar. The place that Shirou wants to go is a high-class establishment with beautiful girls. There, they meet Sigma and his twin sister. Apparently he’s the manager. They have a great time and when Mitsuo wakes up, he has no recollection how he got home. Since Shirou decided to skip class he commutes to college alone. Afterall, he has to show up and let the bullies know he isn’t running away. (but feels like shit anyway)

On the campus the attitude of the bullies have changed 180 degrees! The guys all bow for him in fear and the girls all turn red just by looking at him. He understands that this must be Shirou’s doings and even though he thinks it’s a bit exaggerated, he enjoys their cowering. In the photography club senpai tried to hide some pics, but he sees them anyway. Much to his horror they’re all pics from him in compromising postures. Senpai has no recollection on the other day or how these pics were taken as well. Mitsuo demands the negatives, but when senpai goes to fetch them, they’re gone! Mitsuo figures it must have been Shirou, no wonder he skipped classes! Just when he’s making plans how to punish the naughty Cat, he notices in the pictures a masked man. Suddenly he feels a cold shiver. Could it be… that the guy of the other night wasn’t Shirou? That masked man looks like Shirou, but all of the Cats look alike, with their beautiful features and black hair. And the night before someone broke in his room too… He can’t ask Shirou about this subject directly, if it wasn’t Shirou then he would definitely go out and kill the guy. There’s no other way than asking Sigma. Sigma is the only impossible suspect due to his silver coloured hair. He comforts a panicking senpai that it must have been a prank of Shirou, and returns to that high-class establishment. Though ashamed, he shows Sigma the pictures and asks whether he recognises the masked man. Sigma indeed knows that man and tells Mitsuo not to worry. The masked man will appear this evening. Everything will be alright. He then suggests to Mitsuo to rest in his room. Mitsuo’s all relieved and looks around. After a while he recognises the room. It’s the same room that senpai has taken those lewd pictures of! Is Sigma in cahoots with the criminal? Just then Sigma and Shirou enter the room and explain what happened the previous night. The masked man is indeed Shirou. Because Mitsuo’s heart and body obviously don’t entirely belong to Shirou, the other Cats are trying their luck. The other night it was Tau who assaulted him, with Lambda watching the house for days, all unbeknownst to Mitsuo. In order to convince the Cats that Mitsuo has become his, he decided to develop some evidence to prove their relationship. As for the mask, members of their race spend their childhood as cats, stay young for a long time and only show the passage of time when they’re nearing death. That’s why it’s forbidden for having their pictures taken. As for Zem… he’s one of those rare narcissistic members who insisted on becoming a model. In time he needs to solve this problem by himself. The misunderstanding arose because Shirou wasn’t able of fully hypnotising senpai. Senpai was supposed to develop the pictures and hand over all the evidence to Shirou, only to forget the whole incident after the deed. Mitsuo is relieved. Even though he’s vexed for being duped again, at least it’s a thousand times better than being fucked by another guy. Still, he’s not entirely convinced. As much he wants to believe them, his heart won’t be able to accept without clear evidence. Then he remembers, Shirou still has a scar of his previous fight with Xi. He compares the pictures and… it was Shirou indeed. Of course, he can’t leave Shirou unpunished, but since he’s so relieved just a hit will do the trick.

Back home he receives a little gift of Sigma, a perfume to mask his pheromones. Mitsuo doesn’t trust the fluid however and isn’t even considering using it. Atsuo visits the house (through the window), he also has a present. An envelope with… those shameful pictures! Apparently, these pics have been distributed to all the Cats! Mitsuo totally forgot about the pictures’ initial purpose! Mitsuo takes his little revenge on Shirou, implying what those Cats will do while watching those lewd pictures… Shirou panics, and hurriedly tries to retrieve the pictures.
(about the hypnosis in college: the guys are convinced that Mitsuo is the strongest guy, and the girls think that Mitsuo is a beautiful being that they can’t compare to)

A Cat’s age
In case you haven’t noticed, at this point of the story Shirou is actually only 1 year and a few months old. His outer appearance is that of a 20 years old adult though. As for how old a Cat can become, I myself am not really sure. I think it’s around a hundred years. It’s only when they’re nearing their natural death that their physical appearance show their age. This doesn’t mean that they’re going to die immediately; the process still takes several years.

He holds a high position among the Cats in Japan and has an important role in ceremonies. His sixth sense is strongly developed and he’s able of predictions. In the outer world he is the manager of a fancy place but his more important occupation is creating magical perfumes. These perfumes can even hypnotise people. All Cat Crowns are infatuated by him but he himself is rather picky. His own Cat Crown has already died of old age. About his age… well he’s older than 50 at least (but still looks young). As written earlier, he’s a 100% pure blood

He’s willing to die for his photo camera. He looks sloppy and poor and does all kinds of odd jobs. Apparently he’s saving the money to travel around the world, he wants to take all kinds of pictures. His favourite subjects seem to be people in the ghetto. Senpai is a shameless lad who doesn’t mind taking advantage of his kouhai’s kindness. Shirou once pointed out that he has the same smell as Mitsuo’s father, probably meaning their talent in photography.

Rating: 74/100
Not a bad sequel, but certainly not the best. The light points are how Mitsuo embraces his destiny by accepting the seme instead of fighting him (a wise yet sad decision…) and a weeping big cat (I’d love to see that!). What I disliked is the portrayal of women and how Mitsuo had to be saved by Shirou from the bullying students. Oh well…
It really strikes me how Yuuki from FO and Mitsuo resemble. That both of them were raped by their seme is only a superficial resemblance. Both their feelings are disregarded by outsiders just because the seme is a genius/from a superior blood. They both have an inferior complex and think their looks and talent aren’t on par with the seme. Despite this inferior complex they have a strong pride. The difference is, that Yuuki’s pride is even huger than Mitsuo’s, he’s too strict to himself and as a musician he has a passion that’s absent in Mitsuo. When comparing these two I must say I like Yuuki better, but that character really has grown on me over the years, so Mitsuo really is in the disadvantage ^^;


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