• Title: ハピネス
  • Original novel by Sakiya Haruhi
  • Illustrator: Sera
  • Pairing: Mature highschooler x Kind foster-father
  • Seiyuu:
    • Main pairing: Hatano Wataru x Hirakawa Daisuke
    • Additional cast: Shimowada Hiroki, Tuboi Tomohiro, Kouda Kaho
  • Summary based on BLCD
  • Availability in English: none (as far as I know)

Personally, I’m no particular fan of these seiyuu, but the story of this BLCD is nice enough. It’s very sweet and convenient, and I love younger x older pairing. If only they were bloodrelated… Summary based on BLCD though I skimmed through the novel when there are parts I didn’t understand. I put this under the incest-tag since Nagami sees Yuuta as his own son, and I couldn’t think of other tags.

Track 1
Nagami Atsushi hurries to the funeral after he received a notice of passing of Hyoki Yuuki during a business-trip. Cancer took his old friend away on a young age, leaving Yuuta, 10 years of age, an orphan since the mother already died years ago. At the funeral, everybody is talking bad about the deceased Yuuki, who was belied to and took over someone else’s debt. Just when Nagami wants to defend his old friend, Yuuta stops him. He hasn’t seen Yuuta for 4 years already. The kid thanks Nagami, for he is the only one of all the visitors who truly cared for father. About his future, he has already sent a letter to an orphanage and hired a lawyer to settle the debt issue. After all, there is no one left to depend on anymore, and as a kid, he can’t do anything by his own. Nagami is touched by this child’s strength and determination, and proposes to live together. At first Yuuta declines, he’ll only be a bother, but Nagami insists. He settles the agreement with a kiss.
Track 2
Nagami is woken up by Yuuta. A dream? That’s right, he’s 29 now, and Yuuta is 17. He is now even taller than Nagami and looks more and more like his father. Yuuta has already prepared breakfast and Nagami notices that he used other spices. He apologises that Yuuta has to prepare the meals everyday, but Yuuta counters that Nagami has been working overtime so many days lately. Is it because he’s in a tight situation because of the recent purchase of the mansion? Otherwise he can always… Yuuta is interrupted by Nagami. Children shouldn’t meddle with money-issues, but he won’t stop him if Yuuta wants to earn some pocket-money. By the way, what college will Yuuta enter? Yuuta avoids the subject and leaves. This makes Nagami wonder, is it because he’s not really Yuuta’s father that he doesn’t like to discuss this with him? Or is it due to puberty? Afterall, Yuuta expressed his wish to remain “Hyoki Yuuta”, instead of becoming a “Nagami”.
At work, Nagami is struggling with the new software. Harano comes by with a cup of coffee and to have a laugh with the vexed Nagami. Both of them entered the company around the same time. But unlike him, Harano is very capable. When he was recently promoted to kachou, Harano became a shunin. When thinking back, they became friends when Yuuta was still in primary school. There were rumors about him adopting his illegitimate child, but no one asked him directly. Harano was the only one to ask him, even though they didn’t know each other at all. And thanks to him, the nasty rumors disappeared. Harano then asks about Yuuta. Nagami is obviously still overworried about him, and Harano reminds him that Yuuta is already 17, who will leave the house eventually and live on his own. And when that happens, Nagami needs to think about marriage. Who will look after Nagami when Yuuta leaves? Marriage? He has never thought about that! And work is already occupying his time enough as it is. Harano continues. Besides, Yuuta is at the age of having a girlfriend too, and Nagami won’t know anything of it, since he’s working overtime everyday. This sets Nagami’s world upside down.
That day, he returns home early and prepares dinner. Yet Yuuta only gets back around 9. Does Yuuta always come back at such a late hour? He apologises since he has already eaten, but stops Nagami when the latter is making movements of throwing the food in the trash. The hamburger is coiled anyway. But Yuuta doesn’t care, since Nagami made it. This makes Nagami smile. Nagami asks him where he has been, but when Yuuta only returns a vague answer he doesn’t inquire further, only mentioning that Yuuta should warn him if he will be later than 8. He’s only his guardian, and Yuuta is already 17. This depresses him, and tells Yuuta that he looks more and more like his dad. He’s all grown up. This appears to unsettle Yuuta, is Nagami trying to say something more? Nothing, just that as Yuuta’s guardian he’s worried about him. Just as a guardian? Yuuta glares at Nagami, and Nagami doesn’t know what he said wrong.
From then on Nagami and Yuuta have fights about the youngster returning so late. The problem is that Yuuta doesn’t explain himself, he just apologises and looks away. He smells of alcohol, cigarets and perfume. This Yuuta isn’t the Yuuta he knows anymore, he looks like an adult.
Harano and Nagami are in a coffee-bar. He has something to discuss with him. Does Nagami know that Yuuta is working as a bartender? The whole company knows. Nagami already had his suspisions so he isn’t overly surprised, but the next piece of news shocks the hell out of him; Yuuta has asked Harano to become his guarantor for the place he’ll move in after he graduates. He has been working to save up the money. Nagami is devestated, did Yuuta hate him that much? Witnessing this Nagami, Harano curses Yuuta for turning him into the bad guy.
Harano hasn’t told Nagami the whole truth though. One night (6 months ago, just before the events on track3) he bumped into Yuuta in a restaurant with his girlfriend. He waited until the latter finished work and sees him kissing an older woman. A girlfriend? Yuuta insisted that it wasn’t like that, but Harano didn’t really listen. Still, he always thought Yuuta was too well-behaved for a youngster, and was glad that it was all an act in front of Nagami. If he knew, he would surely faint! Yuuta declared that he loved that person. Well, that Harano knew so… Harano won’t understand how much he loved that person. From his pained expression, Harano finally realised the depth of Yuuta’s feelings. The kindness he has bestowed on him, Nagami-san is like a god. Harano tries to stop Yuuta from continuing, but in vain. Pretty, he smells nice and sexy… he wants that person. Harano looks at him, those eyes aren’t that of a child. They separate, but before they do, Yuuta has a request to make that he will explain later. (that of becoming his guarantor)
Back home, Nagami is being depressed. He remembers when he first bought the place, he wanted to buy a steady home for Yuuta. Now Yuuta is leaving and didn’t even concile him. He also remembers how he kissed Yuuta. It was just an expression of being touched by the boy. Did Yuuta hate him because he stole his first kiss? Can’t be…
Yuuta is back. He notices the open window the beer and Nagami asleep. It takes all his willpower not to touch this defenseless man. He’s suffering, he wants Nagami to know, but also doesn’t want him to know. So in order to avoid Nagami he will run far away from him. He hears Nagami mutter something. “Yuu-“. Is he calling his name, or his father’s?
Yuuta has left home for a month already. With a jealous face Nagami asks Harano to convey a message to Yuuta, please come home at least once. Harano is very angry with the situation. Yuuta hasn’t talked things out with Nagami and is currently “kept” by a woman.
So the two of them meet. Nagami asks for the final time why Yuuta wants to leave home. He won’t criticise him and instead of Harano he can be his guarantor. The reason? If Yuuta tells him the true reason, Nagami will definitely be shocked the hell out of him. Why is Nagami-san always like this? Nagami never thought he was hated so thoroughly and cries. Even though he thought they were family… Yuuta interrupts, it’s not like that! He has never thought Nagami-san as family. Family members won’t do this, and proceeds to kissing Nagami. Ever since he received sexual education in primary school he had dirty dreams of Nagami-san. Though he felt guilty that Nagami-san won’t commit himself with Yuuta at home, he was happy too. Say, that time, why did he kiss Yuuta? Nagami can’t answer, he barely manages to comprehend the situation. That time he just felt pitiful for the crying Yuuta. But he can’t say the words. Yuuta answers for him, it must be because of dad! That’s why he decided to raise Yuuta and why he would have a tender look from time to time when looking at him. Nagami denies this, it’s because he treasures Yuuta as his child. Well, Yuuta doesn’t want to be treasured like that nor want to be his child! Nagami now feels that 7 years worth of love has been trampled on.
Track 1
Harano notices Nagami’s pale face after the arranged meeting. Three days later he receives a call from Kasai Akemi, the woman who is keeping Yuuta. She would like to speak with Nagami. After some reflection, he hands the phone over to Nagami. Apparently, Yuuta forgot his handbook, and they arrange to meet. Harano is outraged by this boldness, but Nagami is fixed on carrying on this plan.
Nagami arrives at the establishment and is meets the lady. He also wants to have a talk with her, afterall, she is taking care of Yuuta. Turns out the book was an excuse, and she promptly asks whether she can chase his son out of her house. It’s not like Yuuta was kicked out of his old home and she also knows that Yuuta loves Nagami. Yuuta of course never said anything about it, rather, in bed he would softly call out his name. So she had such a relationship with Yuuta… he prepared himself, but  hearing it is another deal. Akemi didn’t know he was still a highschool student and sure was surprised to learn that the infamous “Nagami-san” was the kid’s guardian. She wasn’t disgusted to learn about that though, as she already knew that he had a loved one, and they were just friends with benefits. But a kid should stay with the guardian, so she is returning Yuuta to Nagami. Nagami feels that Yuuta is being played with, and in his stubbornness, he insists that it’s better for Yuuta to stay with her. Yuuta doesn’t want to go home anyway.
Nagami realises he wants to have Yuuta’s all, but laments that it’s already too late.
Yuuta is surprised with all his possessions thrown outside after finishing work. Akemi yells that he should go back home, to Nagami. She met up with Nagami and while he repeated that he trusts Yuuta to her, he had been holding himself back not to yell to return Yuuta to him. Leaving with no other choice, he gathers his stuff and leaves, though it will be impossible to carry everything in one go.
Nagami has been sent home by Harano, because he has been neglecting his body. But he doesn’t want to return to a home with no Yuuta. Then he notices luggage on the doorway, Yuuta came home?!
He gently scolds him. Nagami-san again didn’t dry his hair, he airco is too low and he hasn’t been taking his meals properly. The refrigerator is empty so Yuuta prepares to go buy some food. Nagami stops him however and holds him tight. He doesn’t want Yuuta to leave. Yuuta warns Nagami, did he forget what he said earlier? Nagami is ok with it, which is why he is doing this… because he also wants Yuuta. Yuuta kisses Nagami and touches him, but Nagami tells him to wait, his heart isn’t prepared, it’s not that he’s afraid of Yuuta. Yuuta understands, as long there’s a chance he’ll wait. Nagami is thinking, he really isn’t afraid of the kissing or what will happen after, he’s more afraid that after the deed Yuuta will realise it’s a mistake and then Nagami won’t ever recover. Yuuta on the other hand doesn’t want to insist, he doesn’t want Nagami to confuse his feelings for anything else.
Two weeks have passed and their life has returned like before Yuuta’s “rebellion”. It’s like nothing happened. This makes Nagami feels very lonely and questions whether they are lovers. When he would find the courage to propose sleeping together, Yuuta would escape him. Is he thinking too much? Yuuta has made a soup, it tastes different than usual. It’s nothing important, but unsettles Nagami greatly.
Harano proposes to have dinner together. Nagami agrees since Yuuta isn’t home anyway, and wants to eat at where Yuuta is working. His motivation is simple, he wants to see what is withholding Yuuta quitting the restaurant.
The two arrive and are greeted by Yuuta, who’s surprised by Nagami’s presence. Akemi works in the kitchen, she even offers a free dish. During the meal Nagami is observing Yuuta closely, with the new attire he looks like an adult, and is talking and laughing with Akemi. The dish tastes like the new soup of Yuuta, so he learned it from Akemi?! He starts to drink too much and becomes all delirious, that Yuuta will have more freedom with Akemi while he is a burden to Yuuta. Harano has alarmed Yuuta about Nagami’s drunken state and Nagami being so depressed, he cries. Yuuta decides to take him home.
In his drunken state, Nagami is angry with Yuuta and demands to let go of his hand. Yuuta doesn’t understand why he’s so angry and asks why. Hasn’t he been trying hist best to act as usual? Then Nagami throws his jealous words. Yuuta’s body dishes are full of THAT person’s flavour. All this time he has been fretting and worrying about their changed relationship, but Yuuta seems to be fine about it. But Yuuta has also been worrying, he wanted to give Nagami some time. Nagami-san is more easy to panic than usual people. He also didn’t want to act spoilt so that Nagami would give in to him, because he wants both of them to want it. What happens next is too disgustingly sweet and embarassing, let’s say Nagami becomes very cute and honest when drunk. An example:
Nagami: But, I want it to be the same as with Akemi-san, no even more.
Yuuta: Even more? Nagami-san’s body won’t be able to take it.
Nagami: (shock) You did that much? (cries)

Yuuta calls Harano at the company. Atsushi is taking a leave. Right now they’re home and Atsushi is lying in bed since his voice his gone. Harano immediately understands the situation and decides to push the much hated computer-work to Nagami.
Yuuta hangs up the phone. The night before, Atsushi asked Yuuta again whether he is willing to change his surname. In the past he refused because he didn’t want to confirm their family relationship. But now it’s like a marriage. The money he saved to move out has lost its meaning right now. He grabs Atsushi’s left hand, would a wedding ring be too much?

He was forced to become mature very fast, losing his father at such a young age. Which is why he probably learned how to do household chores and doesn’t make wilful requests. Loves Nagami wholeheartedly.

He doesn’t seem to have strong sexual urges, being absorbed in work and Yuuta for the past 7 years. He looks good but doesn’t do anything with it. He gives his all in everything and panics very easily when it doesn’t turn into what he expected.

Rating: 75/100
Nice buildup, but I must say, this BLCD is forgettable. Special mention, very realistic SFX ^///^


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  1. kisalyn
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 04:16:36

    Yay, grateful for the review! I have this on my mp3 but haven’t had a chance to really listen to it yet.


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