About Fujimi 2-choume Koukyougakudan series


Better known as Fujimi Orchestra series, abbreviated as FO or Fujimi, literally translated as Fujimi Block 2 Symphony Orchestra series. It’s a ungoing series by prolific writer Akizuki Koo. “Akizuki Koo” is a pen name, the author also writes children books under her real name. Curiously, she debuted as a BL-writer.

The first pocket appeared in 1994, by June. The novels introduce the readers to the world of Fujimi 2-choume orchestra through the passionate love of Tounoin Kei and Morimura Yuuki. Each character is unique and feel alive, with their own dreams, aspirations and demons. They hurt, they grow, they’re people. In short, Fujimi orchestra is so much more than plain butt-sex.


FO has been adopted in dramacds, OAV and manga (in this order). The OAV and manga are available in English on internet.

  • Novels: As of December 2009, there are 7 “parts” (further divided in “subparts”) spread over 42+ novels. For example, the OAV only covers one of such subpart (though Tounoin walking along the riverbed wasn’t supposed to be disclosed in the first installment). Since the BLCD also covers one such subpart (until volume 7), I will summarise accordingly. Usually, one novel has 2 subparts. I’ll refer them with the help of 2 digits: the first in roman numbering stands for the “part”, and the second stands for the “subpart”. When taking the manga as an example, chapters 1-3 are “FO I.1”, and chapters 4-5 are “FO I.4”. And to illustrate this even better, here’s an incomplete list of parts/novels/subparts: click
  • BLCD: For a list with titles, see Music in Fujimi (under MORE LINKS)
  • OAV: 1 episode, subbed, unlicensed
  • Manga: 1 manga, scanlated, unlicensed



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