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I’ll modify this with every read passage… remember, this entire post is a SPOILER for the impatient fans. The number behind every event is to back up my source. The first digital refers to the “part”, the second digital refers to which storyline. For more information, see “Fujimi-media“.
PS: I’m pretty sure that there must be a special edition out with all the inside-info and character profiles etc. I don’t have it, so everything comes from my own reading/listening experience. Found the special edition (a while ago actually). I am putting this post on hold until the summaries are catching up.

  • 1971
    • Feb 11: Birth of Morimura Yuuki (I.5)
    • Aug 8: Birth of Tounoin Kei (I.5)
  • 1980
    • Morimura discovers the violin (I.4)
  • 1984
    • City decides to form its own “Fujimi Orchestra” (I.1)
  • 1989
    • (?April) Morimura joins Fujimi (I.1)
    • July 16: Herbert von Karajan passes away (wiki)
  • 1990
    • Spring: Morimura’s mother passes away (II.4)
  • 1991
    • Tounoin quits university and travels abroad (I.1)
  • 1992
    • Morimura becomes concert-master of Fujimi (I.1)
  • 1994
    • Feb: Tounoin joins M kyou (I.4)
    • May 20: Tounoin hears Morimura’s violin for the first time (I.5)
    • June 4: Tounoin finds his violinist back and makes arrangements joining Fujimi (I.5)
    • June 7: Tounoin’s first day conducting Fujimi (I.5)
    • June 25: The infamous rape (I.1)
    • July 2: Fujimi’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” is approved by Tounoin // Morimura gives up on 3-year onesided love (I.1)
    • July 21: Morimura is assaulted by Yasaka (I.2)
    • July 25: Morimura dares to enter Tounoin’s apartment on his own (I.5)
    • Aug 12: Morimura finds a coiled down apartment complex (I.3)
    • Aug 13: Morimura is nursed by Tounoin (I.3)
    • Aug 22: Morimura finds new apartment// hears of the scheduled concert//gives a coffee-giftcard as a thankyou-present (I.5)
    • Tounoin has a musical breakdown in front of Fujimi (I.4)
    • Sep 26: M kyou visits Fujimi, lead by Iida (I.A)
    • Oct 4: Morimura throws his precious violin//agrees to a physical relationship (I.5)
    • Oct 18: Fujimi-members gather for moon-watching // Tounoin threatens Igarashi (I.C)
    • (?Oct 25): Tounoin tells Igarashi (I.C)
    • Nov 3: Our couple performs the waltz in front of whole Fujimi and the present highschool girls (I.5)
    • Nov 5: Morimura finally says “I love you.” to Tounoin (I.5)
    • Nov 13: Performance of Morimura’s students and last day as their teacher (I.5)
    • Nov 16: Tounoin’s bear-like friend Ikushima Takane makes a bad first impression on Morimura (I.6)
    • Nov 17: Morimura is kicked the breath out of him (I.6)
    • Nov 19: Start overnight practice // Tounoin and Morimura make up (I.7)
    • Nov 27: Performance of Fujimi (I.3) //Iida sees the two together (I.A)
  • 1995
    • Jan 2: Tounoin composes his first piece: a practice score for Fujimi (II.1)
    • Jan 10: Yoshino joins Fujimi and challenges Morimura’s position as concertmaster (II.1)
    • Jan 13: Morimura faces a crisis; he’s unable of enjoying music anymore (II.1)
    • Jan 14: Morimura “graduates” from his Achiles’ heel and even beats Ikushima (II.1)
    • Jan 17: Morimura is elected as the “new” concertmaster // falls again from the stairs (II.1)
    • Jan 31: Tounoin has a fever (II.2)
    • Feb 7: Test and acceptance of Morimura’s job-application as conductor to Kobayakawa Middleschool (II.2)
    • (teaser: Feb 9: Morimura sleeps in the arms of another man II.2)
    • Feb 11: Morimura’s surprise birthday party // Tounoin’s introduces his first composed song ‘二月十一日’ (II.2)
    • March 6: Morimura’s first day of impotence (II.3)
    • March 11: Graduation day of Kobayakawa Middleschool // Morimura hands in his resignition letter (II.3)
    • March 12: End of Morimura’s impotence (II.3)
    • March 18: Morimura is assaulted by Tadashi-sensei (II.3)
    • March 20: Morimura works in coffee-shop Saffron (II.3)
    • March 30: Tounoin joins Wilhelm Bohr on his 6-day-tour as his translator (II.4)
    • April 1: Morimura hurries himself to Osaka after being told of Tounoin’s grave illness // Tounoin’s first official performance (II.4)
    • May 6: Tounoin returns from the tour albeit one day later than anticipated (II.4)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zouzzizou
    Jun 01, 2010 @ 22:53:16

    I can see how much time you spent to collect all the information about Fujimi posted here
    I’ve known the manga vesion for a long time, it’s in my favorite list mostly because of the beautiful artwork and classical music theme, the story itself, however rushes quite a bit, especially the last chapter. it would be much better if Gotou Sei sensei extended it to 2 or 3 volumes. I did know about the novel but didn’t have a chance to read because it’s not aivable in english. with the length of 40+ vol, and bl theme too, I doubt that someone would like to translate or any publisher like to license this series T_T
    But I’m so glad that I found your website. Your summaries and extra information make clear many things that the manga skipped
    Thank you very much, sincerely
    hope you don’t mind me posting too many comments in your site, I see myself turning into a diehard Fujimi fan here :D


    • Ginnungagap
      Jun 02, 2010 @ 17:50:47

      Thanks for taking the time to reply, and I’d be more than happy if you were to get sucked into the world of Fujimi like me. In fact, that’s the reason why I decided to post more than just summaries, to have more people fall in love with their story, for them to anticipate and wonder what happens next. Who knows, if the popularity rises outside Japan, a publisher might pick this up *fingers crossed*. And please comment, I love to discuss Fujimi anytime ^-^.


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