Fujimi 2-choume Koukyougakudan series Part I.5

  • Title: 富士見二丁目交響楽団シリーズI.5: 赤い靴ワルツ
  • Author: Akizuki Koo
  • Illustrator: Nishi Keiko
  • Pairing: Genius conductor x Delicate violinist
  • Dramacd: yes
    • Seme: Masutani Yasunori
    • Uke: Okiayu Ryoutarou
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: no

For reasons explained in Part I.1, I am skipping I.2-I.4, please visit Mochi-Mochi to download the manga that covers I.4.

Tounoin is teaching Morimura the waltz. In order to understand the next music piece  (An der schönen blauen Donau), Morimura must learn this dance. After the previous development, their relationship has improved, and much to Morimura’s horror, he’s getting sucked into Tounoin’s pace. For instance, he kisses him like they’re everyday meals, and even though he had decided to put a hold on such a relationship, he is tricked into sleeping with Tounoin again and again. That noon is no exception. Tounoin takes advantage of the intimacy of the dance and before Morimura realises they’re in bed. Afterwards Tounoin praises him that he’s a quick learner, and Morimura answers he doesn’t like it, only to turn red when realising Tounoin meant the waltz. He takes a quick shower and picks his clothes from Tounoin’s wardrobe; again for reasons unknown, his clothes have moved to Tounoin’s room. Then it’s practice time; Tounoin is practicing his conducting by studying the music scores, and Morimura is playing the violin. Tounoin’s concentration is so amazing, that whenever he’s in studying pose, he is unable of listening or hearing anything else. After a few hours Morimura finishes his practice, eats a quick lunch and takes a nap (in his own room). Lately he has been very busy. Not only does he need to combine his job as substitute teacher with Fujimi and its upcoming concert, in highschool he’s also responsible for the school’s brass band. He needs to conduct for the upcoming culture festival, which is only a few weeks before Fujimi’s concert. Because he’s a total newbie in conducting, he needs to catch up and study. While he’s asleep, Tounoin knocks and invites him to have dinner together. Morimura agrees and they go to Tounoin’s usual place in Fujimi. Lately Morimura has also become a regular. The food is good and cheap. During dinner Tounoin inquires about the upcoming culture festival. Morimura admits he’s busy, and that conducting is a tough job. He had thought of asking Tounoin to conduct as a practice, but Tounoin must be busy… He hasn’t even finished his sentence, or Tounoin already agrees. The tall man takes out his organiser, and sets a date. Against Morimura’s objections he only retorts that he would even conduct for kindergarten pupils if it could help Morimura, and that Morimura should learn to take advantage of others’ help. He then asks a ticket to the culture festival in return. So in such a pleasant atmosphere they eat and drink and then finally go home. Morimura even allows Tounoin a goodnight kiss. After everything that has happened, he still thinks that homosexuality is something unnatural, it’s a pity, because he thinks Tounoin is a great guy, he likes him a lot. But that night, he didn’t mind the touching or kiss that much, due to alcohol.

Next day Morimura hurries to get on school on time. The brass band has practice before the lessons start. The first one to enter is like usual the vice-president of the club Kousaka-kun, and a bit later, the club-president also appears. Morimura needs to let them and heads of the school know about how a professional conductor will soon be joining their practice. So on 4.50 pm Tounoin arrives, all eyes stare at the tall handsome man. Tounoin at first proposes that Morimura conducts first, he’ll advise what went wrong. But noticing how nervous everyone is, he lets all of them sing the musical scale song with all their might. At first they’re too embarrassed to sing aloud, but with Tounoin and Morimura starting, they all warm up and relax. Like this Morimura conducts in front of Tounoin. After 40 minutes Tounoin points out the weak points of the performance, and then conducts the band himself. Despite saying this in a non-scolding tone, every member is trying their best to follow Tounoin’s words. Then there’s a pause and Morimura invites him into the preparation room next door. Tounoin looks around curiously, the room is mostly used by Morimura, who usually stays in this room despite having a seat in the teacher’s room. But the girls often bother him, so there’s a schedule outside where they can sign up when to visit him. Tounoin remarks that he’s well liked by the students with his usual poker-face. What, is he jealous? Tounoin answers it’s because Morimura never said he loved him. Feeling how the conversation is going to the wrong direction, he turns the conversation to the band. They talk, and when Tounoin is again overcome by his emotions, he’s stopped by Morimura and a knock of one of the students. They continue the practice. On the way home, they grab dinner at the usual place “Fujimi”. They talk about their upcoming concert, and Tounoin is worried about the skills of the other members, about the soloist he’s not worried at all (Morimura protests against this of course). He proposes that they have an extra practice in the weekend, this is heard by the tavern’s boss who knows a good place. There’s a temple nearby whose owner’s son was classmates with Ishida-san. The boss will even provide free meals to them. Morimura wants to decline, but Tounoin accepts this generous offer, so he then thanks the boss from the bottom of his heart.

Back at school Morimura is called out by Mizuno,a third-year student. She wants to know whether Tounoin will come again that day. Tounoin will join the practice Saturday’s, and seeing the smile and heart-shapes in her eyes Morimura guesses what’s troubling her. That day, she and a few other female students asks all out about Tounoin, and in the end they request to join a session of Fujimi. After making clear that they are not to disturb the practice and need permission of their parents, Morimura allows them to do so.

So that Thursday, they join the practice. Both the girls and Fujimi are surprised by Tounoin, who’s all dressed up in a Western suit. After hearing that Tounoin wants Fujimi to understand Vienna, Morimura has a bad presentiment… Since no woman is familiar with the waltz, Morimura is forced to play his female dance-partner… in every aspect. Kawashima-san drags him down for a 5-minute makeover, and like this, with a bit of makeup (foundation and flashing red lipstick), a pink dress, blonde wig and high heel red shoes (hence the title) he dances in Tounoin’s arms. The music is played by M kyou, other members are to observe. That week Tounoin has forced him to practice many times, so he doesn’t make a bad impression. He understood that Tounoin needed a female-looking dance-partner, since 2 guys dancing the waltz would not help them transfer the feel of the elegant dance. So that was Tounoin’s motive all along! When grumbling why he didn’t teach Kawashima-san instead, Tounoin is basically answering he didn’t want to teach anyone else besides him. The dance isn’t going very smoothly, since Morimura isn’t used to high heels. After the first dance Tounoin announces that they are now to play according to the steps of their dance, he will conduct them through his footsteps. Morimura agrees that  they play better, but after glancing at his stupefied students, he becomes reluctant of going to work next day The shoes are killing him, and when Tounoin finally finishes the practice, he finds out that they are covered in blood. Tounoin then carries him and someone (Igarashi probably) whistles. In a hurry he puts on his own clothes and after being reminded by a student, he removes the makeup. He needs to send them back to the station. The girls all have a laugh, except for one. Mizuno only asked with a disgusted expression. “Are  you two homo?”.

That night he didn’t sleep. Of course he denied on spot and the other girls laughed it off, but Mizuno was dead serious. The seriousness of the situation is expressed next day. Mizuno and some other girls are absent, and those who are present, look at him with curious eyes. He decides not to tell Tounoin about the current situation and sticks a note, telling him that something interfered and he shouldn’t come that day. That Saturday’s morning practice, no one shows up, so he had to bring the message over through the club president. In his music room he’s breaking his head how to solve this situation, but he’s bad with fixing such situations up with words. Then he is to come at the principal’s office. At first he thinks of Tounoin, but in the office there are the principle, vice-principle, head of the PTA and a couple of mothers. They accuse him of leaving their children alone to such an unsightly hour when he was the one to invite them to Fujimi’s practice. Morimura immediately retorts that he explicitly asked for the parents’ permission. The mothers immediately call him a liar, and aren’t the morning practices over the top? Even if he’s a young motivated teacher, he should think of the children’s situation and not of his own glory by overpracticing them (and using up all their time). Morimura burns, not only is he a liar, he is also sacrificing the little free time he has for self-satisfaction? He wants to retort, but is stopped by the vice-principal’s eyes. The PTA-member continues, he trusts that the school will take the necessary actions with such a bad example as Morimura, who even has rumors going around about his sexuality. The girls were traumatised witnessing their respected teacher dressed up as a woman, what was he thinking? Morimura only defends himself in a soft voice, he always had a cowardly composure when music wasn’t involved. It was only a waltz, a dance that was necessary for Fujimi Orchestra. It was a total coincidence that the girls were present that day. They will have none of his explanation however. Even being in such a dreadful situation, he refuses to confirm or to deny whether he’s really gay, out of respect for Tounoin who loves him so deeply. What’s wrong with loving a guy? What’s so immoral when the relationship is beyond one of the flesh? In the end he is to quit his post one month earlier than foreseen, and the practice will end 2 hours earlier (6 o’clock instead of 8 o’clock).

With a heavy heart, he discloses the last piece of information to the club-responsables. That day Mizuno was absent again for practice. Because he can’t take the prying eyes anymore, he takes off his glasses. Even when advising the students how to improve, they remain sounding the same. He announces a break, and explicitly let them know that they can find him in the preparation room for any questions. None of them come. After the break, they only want to know why Tounoin hasn’t come as scheduled yet. Morimura dismisses the question, telling them that Tounoin is busy with M kyou. But Tounoin does come. While all the students are ecstatic about this news, and accuse Morimura of lying, Tounoin plays along with Morimura, that he did cancel the lesson. However, he immediately tells Morimura to leave with him, as it’s a waste of time to continue. He can see the distrust in the students’ eyes and scolds them that they are not worth it. Morimura protects the students, telling Tounoin to get the hell out of there, as he’s disturbing the practice. They are to perform in a week, he can’t let those 6 months of practice go to waste. Tounoin tells Morimura that he’ll regret this 5 minutes later, and leaves as told. Morimura tries to continue the practice and tries to act like nothing happens. While his expression and voice seem natural, he didn’t notice when he broke his baton and his legs are shivering. None of the students are cooperating. It’s the final straw and Morimura holds a little speech. In short, he thinks they’re free to decide whether to join the practice that’s conducted by a homo. However, he thinks it’s a waste of those 6 months, they have practiced so hard and long for the upcoming culture festival, which is why he worked so hard as well. He then appoints a third-year to conduct and makes moves to leave. He is stopped by the Kousaka, is he abandoning them? That’s so irresponsible! Morimura is angered, they are the ones who abandoned him! But he remains calm and tells her that there can’t be disrupters in an orchestra, and his existence is the reason of the band’s current chaos. With this he leaves, not regretting what he said to them, if his relationship with Tounoin means such outcome, so be it, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. But what he does regret, is the huge fight with Tounoin. Just the thought of Tounoin giving up on him, darkens his vision. He then realises, he loves Tounoin. He runs, through the hall, outside the school building, with a shimmer of hope. Tounoin who would smile at him, “So you did regret. Let’s go home.” But he doesn’t see Tounoin. Of course not, Tounoin has a high self-esteem, he doesn’t appreciate to be told “Get out!” in front of so many. When thinking ways how to apologise and atone, there in the sunlight there is a tall and slim silhouette. “And, are you regretting it?”. “Kei…” It’s the first time he ever called his first name besides in bed. Morimura buries his face in Tounoin’s wide chest. He’s not crying and is savoring the smell. Tounoin asks why he’s in such state, did those brats bully him. No, it’s because he thought he was being hated by him. Silly guy… and Tounoin holds his face in his large hands. He just fell in love with him again, these words made him so happy. And then tells them the whole club is watching them. Is it alright to kiss in front of them? Of course it’s not ok! And Morimura walks away ensuring that they’re out of sight and angry with Tounoin for not telling him earlier. Then Morimura tells him in short what happened. Because it’s Tounoin who understands him, he can tell. He has been dismissed. Because a gay can’t be a teacher. Tounoin then answers that his students aren’t thinking like that. Morimura doesn’t believe him, and Tounoin conveys the message from Kousaka (don’t ask me when they talked -_-). She’ll try to assemble all the club members for practice next day. Tounoin adds that he shouldn’t worry whether everyone will be present, but more about if he can get up on time (alluding on “that”, Morimura didn’t get this)Morimura feels better, it doesn’t hurt anymore. His stomach? Tounoin knows without the words being spelled out for him. His stomach doesn’t hurt anymore, because Tounoin waited for him. There is no need to take a break because of his stomach. Tounoin smiles awkwardly, he didn’t mean that when he mentioned not getting up on time. Ah… (Morimura finally gets it).

He accepts Tounoin’s proposal to skip that evening’s practice of Fujimi and spend the rest of the day together. In bed, Morimura finally tells Tounoin that he loves him. Afterwards, Tounoin is counting the dates. The first time Yuuki said “I love you”. The first time he accepted Tounoin. The first time he received that coffee-cheque (implying that Tounoin now may always ask him out for a cup of coffee). Seems like he heard Morimura for the first time when he was taking a walk along the riverside. He was surprised by the sincere sound, so pure, so blatantly passionate about music, yet also modest at the same time. He really regretted that he didn’t run and grab that violinist later, because when he ran to the other Fujimi Orchestra, he couldn’t find his violinist. Morimura becomes very embarrassed, he isn’t that good, he isn’t even able of becoming a professional. Tounoin immediately disagrees, it’s not that he’s not able of, it’s that he didn’t go for it. As if dictated by heaven, before getting contaminated by the business spirit, Yuuki was sent to him in his original pure form. Then they go for another round.

Tounoin’s prediction was right, Morimura slept one hour over. Once in the classroom, the students scold him he’s late, relieving him that it was a good idea to come. The male students make vulgar jokes about why he was late, and that enjoying the newly weds-life is no excuse. Morimura is turning beat-red. The performance goes wonderfully, everyone assembled and the students are clearly doing their best. It’s then that Morimura understands the “pureness” that Tounoin likes to talk about. Even though some of those students are taller than him, they’re still children inside, and their reactions are straightforward. That’s why some of them react like how society dictates them to do. That’s why some, like Kousaka-kun, would still believe in him and defend him. He’s touched to the core and feels tears falling. He stops for a moment to rub them off, and the students stay silent, which almost makes him  crying out loud. There’s only one student however who remains cold, it’s Mizuno. During the break he retreats to the preparation room and thinks of a plan to talk this out with her. He continues the practice while ignoring the pain in his stomach. It doesn’t take long or he needs to stop and he hurls over. The students are in shock and try to help him, and right on that moment Tounoin appears. He immediately supports him to the toilet for him to vomit, and commands the students to prepare a row of chairs for him to lie on. As for the practice, Tounoin will conduct them. In the preparation room Morimura is awed, why is the music performed so much like how he has imagined it? Of course, Tounoin’s conducting is better and makes the students play better, but the resemblance is strange… Turns out Tounoin was imitating Morimura’s way of conducting, including his little tick that make the students almost burst in laughter. This makes Morimura wonder what that little “tick” is. Apparently, he would tilt his head a bit to indicate “Right here!”. The students understand why Tounoin would imitate teacher’s conducting, as they will perform under their teacher, but could Tounoin please stop imitating that tick?

After the practice, Mizuno wishes to have a talk with her love rival. Her father is the head of the PTA, and she was the one who told him. Morimura downsizes his withdrawal of school, as he was a substitute teacher from the very beginning. She thinks teacher is shrewd, if only he was a detestable person… Tounoin appears. She begs for a kiss, just one kiss to forget, and looks at him with teary eyes. But Tounoin being same old, a very strong-willed gay man, refuses and claims he gets rashes when touched by a woman, and then takes Morimura home with him. On the road, Morimura is confused, why would women voluntarily go through all this pain? The girl must have knows that Tounoin would refuse. He shakes his head, he doesn’t understand women at all.

From that day on, he basically lives with Tounoin, he only returns to his own apartment to fetch for stuff. The following Tuesday, he’s late for Fujimi practice because of the school practice, and when he opens the door, he’s surprised by The Bridal March. Very fitting for their current situation, but as Kawashima explains, it’s not for them. The daughter of one of the directors is marrying, and she agreed to take care of the music. She then jokes around that she kept it a secret from their stern conductor, as he’d be mortified to see Fujimi getting some financial resources from playing in something unclassy like a wedding. Tounoin denies that he isn’t that old-fashioned, and teases Morimura if he doesn’t like wearing dresses, he can wear a suit, he in black, and Morimura in white. When Morimura wants to retort, he’s disturbed by Iida, who would like to get on with the practice.

The performance is a blast. Amid the crowd, Tounoin is there too. When the audience demand an encore, the club president announces that a highly skilled musician will perform for them. They seem to have planned this beforehand with Tounoin, as his counterfeit Amati is also on scene. So he plays his first place music piece: Humoresque. Back then he didn’t have this expensive instrument, so this time he’s very satisfied with his playing. The students then play in his honour and thank their teacher, like they’re protesting against the school board for firing Morimura. Morimura is greatly touched, tears keep falling. Afterwards while walking out, Mizuno yells to him, she wishes him happiness. Outside, Tounoin is waiting.

To be honest, I don’t really remember whether it follows the novel accurately. I have to say that there are a lot of times I forget Tounoin is supposed to be a cold pokerfaced man with the same cold intonation in his words; Masutani-san’s voice is just too rich and full of personality. Akizuki-sensei joined the FT-session. She has a pleasant low voice. Okiayu-san was told that he sounded much softer compared with the previous volumes. I totally agree, especially compared with volume 1, in which he would talk so fast. His voice has changed throughout the years, I like them all anyway. Masutani-san confessed he was nervous about singing the Music scale ^^

Rating: /

Lovely, I liked it how the falling-in-love-part didn’t get dragged on. A lot has happened between the first subpart and the fifth, making it feel more than natural that Morimura would fall for Tounoin.


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