Ousama na Neko 4

  • Title: 王様な猫 4: 王様な猫と調教師
  • Author: Akizuki Koo
  • Illustrator: Kasumi Ryouwa
  • Pairing: Young nekomata x Poor pet sitter
  • Dramacd: no
    • Seme: /
    • Uke: /
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: NONE (as far as I know)

At last some variation since my Fujimi-craze! These days I haven’t read or listened to anything else besides FO.

About this installment, I thought it was very refreshing. It might not go the way you like it, but at least it handles a serious and realistic issue between lovers with not too much drama.

As Theta’s Cat’s Crown, Mitsuo must undergo some training. The duo are to stay with Sigma for the following two weeks. It’s tradition that all members know their history by heart. The “Book” has always been transferred orally, so Mitsuo has a hard time remembering the words. As always, Sigma is beautiful like a divine being, and Mitsuo simply worships him. But very soon, he discovers that Sigma too has his catlike characteristics, like brushing his hair when calmed down (cat licking its own fur) and eating when upset. In fact, Sigma even got angry when he guessed those “impertinent” thoughts. Still, while he’s strict on memorising the words, he’s very patient and they also have conversations about their race. Theta in meanwhile, is of course bored to no end, and whenever they’re taking a break, he would disturb Mitsuo’s precious nap time. One day, Sigma leads him to his laboratory, the place where he creates his perfumes. Mitsuo is very fascinated, and one bottle in particular sparks his interest. That, Sigma proudly announces, is his greatest masterpiece, he calls it the Honeymoon Queen, a very enticing smell for their race. Mitsuo takes a sniff while holding it in his hands, smells like plain sweat to him… He drops it when Sigma further explains that the odour is extracted out of Mitsuo’s own fluids, breaking the glass. Sigma implores him to go away. Mitsuo thinks he’s angry and must be hurt due to the strong smell and tries to help him (he’s stupid alright). When he offers his back to carry Sigma out of the laboratory, Sigma kisses him and he proceeds to more bad things. Mitsuo at first objects, but once engulfed in pleasure, he’s making all kinds of excuses to continue the lovemaking, and even encourages Sigma to do so. Just when Sigma is putting it in, a black silhouette attacks Sigma. Mitsuo tries to stop an enraged Theta, but only gets attacked himself due to the Honeymoon Queen. He’s in pain, and in a deluded state of mind, he grabs a bottle that had fallen of the table. He opens the content in an attempt to stop Shirou. A stench of hard acid is spreading in the room, and like this he’s able to stop Shirou. This event is the turning point in the relationship between our couple. In the past, Mitsuo refused to say he loved Shirou, and always struggled against sex and even kisses. Now he finally says those words “I love you”. This is because he’s trying to appease Shirou as much as possible to avoid a fight between Sigma and Shirou. The words I love you aren’t a lie though, Mitsuo finally realised he had slowly fallen in love with Shirou already, only his pride as a man hindered him to be honest. About what happened with Sigma, he realises it was a downright betrayal against Shirou, so his feelings of guilt are trying to make up to Shirou. After some reflection, he decides his feelings for Sigma are that of adoration towards an unearthly being, and realises from the moment he set his eyes on Sigma, he had actually been waiting for such a day to come. But such a thing Shirou can not learn, and Mitsuo dedicates all his time to his partner. Because Sigma’s sense of smell is more developed than Shirou, he is resting a day longer. They visit him, and Shirou requests a kiss from Sigma as punishment. Mitsuo isn’t pleased, but there isn’t anything he can say about it. Then they leave, with Shirou’s last words being, that Alpha was right, how Sigma’s teaching methods are not bad at all. Mitsuo gets the horrible feeling that he must have been deceived again. Was that scene all part of an act? Sigma sneakily holds Mitsuo’s hand. Mitsuo really has no idea what to believe anymore.
(up to this point it was all in the first point of view by Mitsuo, this part is in the third point of view by Shirou)
In this super hot weather, Theta wakes up, and sees Mitsuo sketching something. Curious, he draws near, and recognises Sigma in the notebook. He becomes all jealous and blames Mitsuo how almost all of the sketches are of Sigma. Mitsuo denies, and arguments he already filled Shirou’s silhouettes in his other notebooks. Not completely convinced, he tells Mitsuo he’s leaving, and that there’s no need to prepare dinner for him. He might not come home before tomorrow. He visits Atsuo’s home. There, he complains how Mitsuo might love Sigma more than him. What stops Mitsuo of feeling guilty, is that he himself hasn’t realised yet.What bothered him, was that in those sketches Sigma was drawn as a lord, while he was drawn as one of Sigma’s underlings. Atsuo advises him to become a better man than Sigma, meaning he should mature and build up his financial assets. It’s no wonder why Mitsuo would be so attracted to Sigma; he possesses an unearthly beauty, he’s calm, talented and successful. And Shirou…. Shirou’s just a fortuneless student who only likes to act spoilt in front of Mitsuo and doesn’t do anything for Mitsuo instead. Perhaps Shirou should take Mitsuo out for trips. As for money, Shirou can try his luck with the lottery, his intuition should help him win money. About becoming mature, that’s a bigger problem, since in theory, Shirou is only one and a half years old. Even though Mitsuo is Shirou’s recognised Cat’s Crown, if he chooses Sigma by his own will, there’s nothing that they can do about it. So in case Sigma becomes serious about getting Mitsuo, Shirou should just share Mitsuo and wait for 10 or 20 years. By then Sigma is old, and he will have Mitsuo all for himself then. Of course, Theta (they’ve transformed) is against his plan, and aggressively announces he would fight Sigma. Alpha reminds Theta, that according to their Book (strophe 3), Theta must be prepared to first fight the other Cats first, as Sigma is their Wise. He puts more power in his words by reverse psychology, surely Mitsuo would be delighted if he killed off all his kin. Having no real answer at all, he leaves the place, heading to where Zem is. Zem’s first wonderful advise is, is to grow his hair out, like he himself and Sigma. It’s possible if you don’t transform into a cat in the first 6 months, and from then on, continue to sleep in your human form until you’re satisfied with the length of your hair. He also considers Theta’s case quite a problem, because even though all the Cat’s Crowns and secondary partners have been deeply infatuated with Sigma, Sigma has been very picky until now, and Mitsuo is one of those rare human beings who Sigma actually liked. Coincidently, Zem is having a party, and invites Shirou in order to brighten up his mood, maybe he’ll find an answer to his problems. The international guests, all fluent in japanese, hear of Shirou’s problem with his partner, and gives all kinds of advises. All are basically about social countenance, like fashion, able of intelligent conversations and skilled in bed. They decide to teach Shirou about the last one. Naturally, they’ll keep this a secret from Mitsuo. Zem still doesn’t understand Mitsuo’s sense of shame, but it’s best to be a bit considerate. After 3 nights, Shirou is brimming with confidence, and heads home. He has graduated from the advanced class. As for expert classes, he needs to teach Mitsuo the advanced class first, and then they must discover together what expert bed skills exactly are. It’s already very late when he’s back. Luckily, Mitsuo left the window to his room open and Shirou slips in. Mitsuo notices him, and unlike usually where he would push Theta out of his bed due to the heat, he allowed the cat in his bed and pets him all with eyes closed. Shirou asks whether he missed him, but Mitsuo is already fast asleep. Next day, Mitsuo’s mother is leaving, her daughter-in-law (Mitsuo has 2 older brothers) has delivered a baby. The assistant is away too, so that leaves only one human, a dog, and 3 cats in the house. Shirou employs some of his new techniques on Mitsuo. Mitsuo notices the skills and asks what Shirou has been doing the last three days. Shirou’s a bad liar, so Mitsuo easily guesses it was no usual talk session with Atsuo and Zem. They get into an argument, whereas Shirou spills that it’s because he wants to be Mitsuo’s number one, exceeding Sigma. At first, Mitsuo vigorously denies that he’s in love with Sigma, but in the heat of the argument, he yells that Shirou’s right, he loves Sigma. Even though Shirou already knew this, this blow really is painful. He cries, and in his head, he holds a great desire to know what Mitsuo’s thinking, he really wants to know. Then a storm of emotions overflow him. At first, he gets knocked down by the intensity, but after a while he recognises these as the feelings of Mitsuo, a mix of sadness, depression, feeling wronged, and then receives his true thoughts. Yes, he’s Shirou’s Cat’s Crown, and yes, he loves Shirou, yet, he’s also in love with Sigma, and he can’t stop those feelings, how guilty he might feel. So Shirou was wrong… Mitsuo did realise his feelings, and had been in pain ever since too. He holds Mitsuo very close to him, and makes sure that his face doesn’t express any anger. He’ll just become a better man than Shirou, so that he will be Mitsuo’s number one. Mitsuo protests that Shirou is already first in his heart and that what he feels for Sigma, is something like he’d feel for an idol. Shirou doesn’t believe this though, but doesn’t tell him. They talk, and then Shirou asks whether there are places Mitsuo wants to go. Mitsuo’s surprised, until now Shirou has never proposed anything like this. They’re making progress.
Next day, they visit a museum filled with paintings. They admire a few paintings by the same artist, and Shirou, who originally isn’t very interested in art, blurts that one of them is bad and that it’s certainly a fake. Mitsuo tries to shut him up, but alas, it’s too late, and an old man questions Shirou why he thinks it’s a counterfeit. Isn’t it obvious? Shirou arrogantly declares that the boldness of strokes aren’t the same. When they’re about to leave the building, the old man stops them and takes them apart. He’s the director of the gallery, and always suspected it was a counterfeit. But back then, he was only a vice, and the professional rated it as real, so he never said anything about it. The previous director spent a lot of money on that piece, so they’re in no position removing the painting. Mitsuo feels depressed because he wasn’t able to tell, Shirou just assures him it’s because of the difference of their eyes that he was able to see. Next, they visit an art display by contemporary artists. Once again, Shirou’s criticising a lot of paintings, and one of the owners hear of this. Mitsuo’s a fan of his so he’s nervous while praising him. That guy only arrogantly answers him and asks whether Shirou wants to be his model. Of course, Shirou refuses and leaves. Mitsuo follows a few minutes later. Shirou then borrows money from Mitsuo to join the lottery.Atsuo said the first times would be difficult to rely on your sixth sense, but one will get the hang of it after a few times. Mitsuo esteems the chances as nearly impossible, and laughs that Shirou must treat him if he wins. And he does. Shirou’s calm, in contrary to Mitsuo, who’s so nervous that he’s even making Shirou impatient! He decides he’ll never tell Mitsuo again until the money is deposited in their bank account. Because some special taxes must be paid in order to transfer the prize-money to another account, Shirou joins the lottery again next week, and wins again, this time writing the amount on Mitsuo’s bank account. Like this, financially they’re all set.

A month passes, when they receive a letter from Sigma to join an international Cat-meeting. Shirou at first doesn’t want to go because Mitsuo might still feel in pain whenever he thinks of Sigma, but Mitsuo encourages him to go. Afterall, Shirou’s a direct, and as a representative, he must be present. They decide to go together. At the meeting, everyone knows of Theta’s Cat Crown, and introduces Shirou to Belle, a girl from the same line as Shirou. He immediately tells her that he already has an official wife, and that he isn’t planning of taking a second one. Belle then claims she loves him, and… transforms into a three coloured calico cat! Shirou is Belle’s Cat Crown! This is a miracle, no record in their history has been found of an indirect transformation into a Cat. All relatives insist discarding  his first wife, and take Belle. Unlike Mitsuo, she’s able of childbirth. The relatives are enraged when they learn of Shirou’s stubbornness, and decide they’ll just have to kill Mitsuo. Shirou storms off, looking for his partner. Luckily, his lover is protected by Zem, Atsuo and Sigma before getting lynched. Theta prepares himself to battle, until Sigma’s twin sister appears, who throws acid around. Mitsuo’s the only unaffected by the acid, and saves everyone. Because of this deed, the relatives are unable of harming Mitsuo from now on, yet there’s still tradition to follow, and Mitsuo is led away, not joining the meeting. Belle is asked whether she can wait until next mating season for Shirou to take her as his second wife. Her pride refuses this, and requests for the traditional test proving Shirou’s determination. Shirou is to undergo the test of Fire, Water and Wolves. The first surrounds picking a chestnut in the fire. Just when he’s about to pick it out, Mitsuo runs in, screaming that Shirou should stop, he doesn’t mind becoming a second or third wife. Shirou doesn’t listen and picks the chestnut anyway, how afraid of fire he might be. Second test is about holding your breath in water until one loses consciousness. Mitsuo again fails to convince Shirou out of it, and is still held back by Atsuo and Zem. Shirou succeeds. The last test is about fighting off 10 of his kin, the “wolves” in their Book, trying to reach his Cat’s Crown on the other side of the room. He wins in the one-on-one fights, but when 6 of them attack Shirou simultaneously, even Theta’s no match. Mitsuo can’t bear this massacre and runs to Theta, trying to kick and bite the attackers away. He’s in tears, and claims that if Shirou dies, he’ll die with him. He loves Shirou the most. Shirou’s happy, but his regret is that they won’t be able of making love anymore. Mitsuo then emits his strongest pheromones, which deepens Shirou’s desire and he then throws his attackers off, takes Mitsuo and storms into a room. Unfortunately, he comes too early, and then faints. When awake, there’s a discussion. Belle already admits defeat, but the other elders disagree whether the last test counts. It was all thanks to Mitsuo’s pheromones that put the participants in a weird state, assuring Shirou’s victory. They then decide to write in the annals that Belle withdrew her claim on her Cat’s Crown. Shirou’s wounds are very serious, and is tended by Atsuo, with Mitsuo by his side.

A Cat’s Book
The first strophe is about their origin. A long long long time ago, there was only one Cat in the world. He fell in love with a human being. She refused to become his wife, as he looks different from her race. So he bites off his tail, removes his fangs and finally tears out his fur. The girl is affected by the Cat’s determination and agrees to marry him. However, he’s bleeding and is about to die. The girl cries out to heaven, screaming that she wants to be together with the Cat. The Godess grants her will and mixes them in her stomach. Then 5 male Cats, 5 female Cats, 5 men and 5 women are born. Another problem arises when one of the male Cats and a woman fell in love. They’re unable of uniting because of their physics and turn to the Godess again. She answers that if his desire and love is deep enough, he will be able of becoming human. This is the beginning of their race. Other strophes are about also about history and their rules.

Rating: 88/100
The reason why I liked this installment that much is, that for the first time a uke seriously falls in love with another man while being in a relationship with his current seme. What’s even more an unicum, they decided to deal with this together. I think it’s only natural to fall in love a few times when being in a relationship. The issue is how to deal with the temptation. In usual BL-couples they are always sure about their love. Personally, I think love is the most fickle feeling. But then again, these “absolute feelings” is what makes BL so attractive. From this point on their relation is only getting better now Shirou is able of reading Mitsuo’s feelings. Before he could only push his own desires on Mitsuo because of his low EQ.


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