Fujimi 2-choume Koukyougakudan series Part I.7

  • Title: 富士見二丁目交響楽団シリーズI.7: リサイタル狂騒曲
  • Author: Akizuki Koo
  • Illustrator: Nishi Keiko
  • Pairing: Genius conductor x Delicate violinist
  • Dramacd: yes
    • Seme: Masutani Yasunori
    • Uke: Okiayu Ryoutarou
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: no

Continuation on the previous angst and the long awaited recital. Loved the dramacd.

Kei is taking a nap after his intensive music-score practice. Morimura is watching him. His heart is empty, all his thoughts and soul are filled with worries around his relationship with Tounoin. It’s not Kei’s fault, it’s his own fault that he’s jealous that he wasn’t Tounoin’s first and that he isn’t a man worthy of him. He should feel grateful, that such a splendid man is in love with him. He must keep smiling and act like usual, because Tounoin fell in love with the previous him. Tounoin wakes up, and proceeds to some afternoon-sex. He’s rough and Morimura really dislikes the pain that comes without proper preparation. But he bites his lips, it’s his job as his lover to satisfy Tounoin’s needs. Tounoin remarks in an annoyed tone that he doesn’t seem to enjoy it. Morimura only shakes his head. Then Tounoin changes his tactic. He turns him on his stomach, and then the memories of the first rape all come back. He’s not the sweetloving gentle Kei anymore, he’s the rapist Tounoin Kei. He yells no but undergoes it anyway, because he loves Tounoin. Kei… does he only love his body?

That day is the first of their overnight weekend practice in the temple. Morimura and Ishida arrive early to plan the setup. It’s awfully cold and they borrow 4 small heaters, which is better than nothing in such an open space After some tests,  they decide that the best sound effect comes when the conductor’s derrière is facing the deity, but laugh that someone like Tounoin won’t mind offending the gods anyway. One by one the members arrive, and on three o’clock Tounoin is there too. He immediately sticks the planning up that he made with Morimura the previous night. It’s a tight schedule (at the end of the day, alcohol is prohibited). The first hours are consecrated to self-practice. The better players help the others out. Morimura then hears Tounoin trying to explain in jargon how to play a passage and notices a weak point. Seems like Tounoin doesn’t understand that jargon is useless when teaching amateurs.

During the general practice, Morimura is unable to concentrate. He’s too conscious of the great skills of M kyou and notices the mistakes of some Fujimi members. What’s even worse, his mind is rejecting Tounoin’s baton. Tounoin yells stop and looks sternly at Morimura. For today he is not to practice and tells him to leave in order to cool down his mind. Out of the room Morimura feels abandoned. Now Tounoin has obtained him, there’s no need to please him anymore? Tounoin mentioned before that he’s planning to bring more musicians of the same level as M Kyou to Fujimi to fill the lack of instruments. Will his solo also be replaced? And will Fujimi remain the amateur-group Fujimi where everyone is welcome as long they enjoy music? Maybe he’s wrong. Afterall, in the beginning he also rejected Tounoin’s severe way of conducting, but didn’t the members all embrace this method? And M kyou entered Fujimi with not much difficulties. He walks outside, and plays the Spanish Gypsy Song and sings some of the (unofficial?) lyrics. His awful skills, the meaning of his existence in Kei’s eyes, he has no worth anymore. Their end is nearing, he wants to give up on the violin. All the years of dedication, his love… then Kawashima calls out to him, inside there are tea and sweet potato. He shouldn’t mind Tounoin, he was just throwing a fit. She returns to the temple. Outside Morimura is planning to run away, he has enough of it. But, where should he go? His apartment is occupied by Ikushima, and at Tounoin’s place… When he is about to go through the play-yard, he is stopped by Tounoin. Where is he going? Morimura claims his head isn’t cooled down yet, but Tounoin doesn’t care and drags him inside, they have no time to waste. Morimura thinks Kawashima-san really is meddlesome.

After the break, they continue their practice. He will probably be soon replaced by a better soloist. If thinking more profoundly, he shouldn’t have been appointed as the soloist in the first place. He remembers when he was 9 and played on stage. Another girl of 6 played the same piece, and his nervousness caused him to perform horribly. From then on he would practice like mad to prevent this shameful outcome. The only highpoint in all his stage-performances was when he was in a freshman in university, when he won first prize with Humoresque. But the following year he wasn’t even elected (with Aria on the G-string), making him lose all accumulated self-confidence. Morimura concludes that even an orchestra like Fujimi, with members of all kinds of levels, can become good. And he believes that under Tounoin’s baton his ambition (turning into Cleveland Orchestra) will come true. If possible, he would want to remain one of his members, even if it’s only a concertmaster-conductor relation. Then the practice is over. Kawashima comments that Morimura’s play sounds very gloomy. He denies, it’s because of strage-fright. But it’s ok, he doesn’t mind even if he is not the soloist anymore. Morimura is to be removed as the soloist? Kawashima immediately walks to Tounoin and announces in a loud voice for everyone to hear that no one will perform if Morimura isn’t the soloist. This surprises Tounoin, who retorts in the same impressive manner, who said that Morimura is to be replaced? He looks at Morimura and takes him apart. Morimura tries to find the words, even if they are breaking up, he doesn’t want to get hated. He wants to quit being a soloist, because he’s bad. Now Tounoin has finally obtained his objective, there is no need to try pleasing him (Morimura). Especially if it will be under Fujimi’s expense. He is willing to dismiss voluntarily, so there’s no need for Tounoin to insist on politeness. He adds that he isn’t hurt that Tounoin plastered him with fake flattery, rather he’s hurt with himself, who fell in love with such a man. It’s a given why he would be hated by Tounoin. He realises that he might feel better if he just blamed everything on Tounoin, if only he noticed it after he fell so hard for Tounoin… Anyway, he told Kawashima he has stage-fright, they can use this as the reason to replacement of the soloist. Tounoin refuses, he doesn’t like to lie and the soloist must be him. Morimura yells, there’s no need to go this far just to break up with him. He sees Tounoin glancing at the thin door and realises that the other members must have heard him. He doesn’t want to implicate Tounoin and acts like the bad guy for other members to hear, as if he seduced Tounoin for connections. But Tounoin opens the door, the main room is empty. He’s relieved. He continues his plea, if possible, he would like to stay with Tounoin as long as he can, but he only is a disgrace to him. If Tounoin gets a new lover, he swears he’ll disappear as soon Tounoin tells him to. Tounoin only sighs, it doesn’t matter how many times he claims to love him? He doesn’t know whether to hit or to hold him tightly. Morimura insists that he prefers the cruel truth over sweet lies. He then realises that the conversation would lead to nowhere so he proposes this, they are to tell only the truth from now on. Tounoin agrees, and he swears by his baton. Morimura swears by his vio-… by his deceased parents. Tounoin starts. Why does he think he doesn’t suit him? Because Tounoin must think only an excellent violinist can be his partner, basing on his interaction with Ikushima. Why does he think his skills are bad? Because he failed his test with an orchestra, he failed because he was ba-… that’s not true. He failed because that day, he vomited blood out of nervousness. Tounoin then announces he passed Ikushima’s test. Apparently Ikushima once refused to play with a reputed violinist, claiming that her play was devoid of spirit. He would never play the piano with a musician he doesn’t think is worthy, and Morimura even played with him four times! Even not for money, friends or… Tounoin changes his tone, did Ikushima do something to him. Well, he teased him, and then there was this kiss. When? (said with his poker face). Morimura is surprised, didn’t he see it himself? It was on the first morning. Tounoin gnashes his teeth, he didn’t know. If he did, he would have hit him on site. He truly isn’t ashamed of Morimura, it was more because of his pride as playboy. Morimura asks, how many lovers were there before him? He doesn’t want to know, but it would bother him forever. A “No comment” would break the rule. If Tounoin tells him, will he believe him? Even though Morimura answers yes, Tounoin obviously doesn’t believe it, but he answers anyway. As for just playing around, two hands aren’t enough to count them. Some were one-nightstands, some lasted half a year. About the times he has fallen in love, there were twice. First was his hopeless crush on the man on the gramophone disc cover: Herbert von Karajan. He even learned German to write a love letter. He received a “Thank you for your fan-letter, I wish you happiness”. The second one also seemed to meet the same fruitless end. He’s a gentle and delicate man with a strong pride. In the beginning he made a big mistake by supposing the other was gay too, and violated him. (Morimura: ….you’re too sly.) Afterwards he was loathed like a vermin, but he persevered, believing that one day he would win his trust. (Morimura interrupts, didn’t they agree no lies? Tounoin repeats that it’s all true, he swore on Karajan’s baton) Even after they have finally turned into lovers, he neglected how severe that guy is on himself, and didn’t notice that his unsuiting composure had hurt him. And when he did notice, the guy already closed his heart. His explanation got misunderstood, so in order to anger him he instigated the kind of sex he hated. But the guy bravely underwent it. As the result, it made the guy question his own worth, and even thought of disappearing out of his life. Against such hard to believe pureness, what should he do be believed in? The problem doesn’t reside in Yuuki not trusting him, but lies in Yuuki self, who doesn’t think he is worthy of being loved. He already decided that Yuuki is his other half in his career, what must he do to convince him? Morimura cries, he is overcome by relief that his presumptions were all wrong, but… what did he do? He implores Tounoin to smack him, to smack him as hard as he want. For doubting his sincere feelings, that Tounoin was merely playing with him until he got tired. Tounoin agrees, there is sufficient reason to smack him. Instead he holds Morimura’s face with his both hands and kisses him. He tells him that there won’t be a second time, how he felt these three days for having been closed out. If unhappy, get angry. If he’s suspecting him, than say it all out. Before he crawls into his shell, talk it out with him first. Holding and kissing each other don’t satisfy the fire in their hearts. But, the members have returned. They are both surprised by the members’  flushed faces. Wasn’t it written that alcohol was prohibited. Igarashi blatantly lies that they have only been soaking in hot water. The two of them decide to let it slide. Tounoin remarks in front all the members that even though his orchestra hasn’t reached Morimura’s level yet, they will soon catch up on him. Morimura angrily retorts that Fujimi isn’t his, but everyone’s. Tounoin only replies that like the violin is Morimura’s instrument, the orchestra is his instrument (and proudly sticks his chest out). They joke around for a bit, until they realise it’s already past midnight; next day they are supposed to get up on 6 (according schedule). Morimura ponders on what Tounoin said before in that cafe. So that’s what he meant with “my orchestra”. Not some “thing” he takes over from Morimura and Ishida, but like an instrument… Morimura decides he will give more than 100% to his violin. In order to match up with Tounoin and his dreams, he wants to become a suiting concertmaster.

That night, Morimura is having a nightmare. Because of the trauma, he had gotten stage fright and would always have bad dreams when he was about to perform a solo. Tounoin notices and agrees to talk about it. Apparently, his biggest failure was on his admittance test for Art University. He agreed with his parents that he would take over the farm if he failed, this test was his only chance to go for a music-career. He practiced for weeks without rest. As for the test, the sound he made was wrong and he forgot the notes. Because that year there were not many applying students and his excellent writing test he got in. Tounoin comforts him that the examination board members have an eye for talent, and didn’t he do well on the highschool performance? That’s because he had no time to get nervous. Tounoin smiles, this time he will be there on stage too. There’s no need to worry, even if he makes a mistake, he’ll save him, because he’s a genius. Tounoin kisses his fingers one by one, and Morimura trembles. Not because of excitement, but because of the feeling of being wholly loved. Goodnight. Morimura believes he won’t have a bad dream that night.

Next morning they all get up at 6, some faster than others. After some forced morning-exercise, cleaning up and breakfast, they begin on their practice. While the beginning isn’t very smooth, after three times even Morimura finds the performance alright. They hold a 20-minute break and while chatting with Tounoin, Kawashima approaches. She had heard from Haruyama that Morimura already performed a solo not long ago, she also wants to hear his Humoresque. He complies to her request and starts playing. Slowly more members from original Fujimi and M Kyou join Morimura and in such a happy atmosphere they play their instruments despite the break. They even continue in the second break. Then there’s a waltz practice with Tounoin and Morimura becoming instructors and after the final practice, Tounoin calls a halt. While the orchestra isn’t on par with Morimura’s solo-play, it’s sufficient by now. He has confidence that the performance will become a success. Let’s all do our best. Everyone returns home in highest spirits. While when Tounoin and Morimura arrives at home, Tounoin drags him to the bathroom, and then they switch to the bed.

But he saw it, in the middle of the night, with the back turning to him, Tounoin practicing and muttering to himself like a tantrum. “It will be alright,I can do it.” Behind that confident facade, Tounoin also has his uncertainties. Morimura finds such a Tounoin endearing to no end. He immediately regrets what he said the night before (his nightmare), which must have only brought Tounoin more pressure. When Tounoin climbs back in bed, he’s startled by Morimura’s awaken state. But Morimura acts like he didn’t see anything. He snuggles in Tounoin’s chest (the most safe and assuring sleeping posture according to him) and says he loves him. Tounoin only caresses his hair, but Morimura is even more satisfied with this gesture than words.

Then it’s November 27. Morimura and Ishida arrived in the morning to prepare everything. Even when the starting time of the performance is approaching, Morimura is still busy running around and answering everyone’s questions, he doesn’t even have time to take his violin out of his case! So when Ishida runs to him, asking what to do since the 700 chairs aren’t enough for the visitors, Morimura freaks out. Don’t ask every trivial question to him, he’s also to perform in a moment! Everyone is stupefied by this outburst. Morimura apologises, he’s just nervous. Luckily Tounoin saves him on the right moment, he requests Ishida to delay the schedule for 10 minutes, and leave him and Morimura alone for the time being, as they need the time to prepare. Once alone Tounoin takes a good look over Morimura and compliments him on his clothes. Apparently, previous Monday Tounoin tricked him to a coat-store, and yesterday they brought a swallow-tail to the apartment. They embrace each other and Tounoin asks whether he’s alright, about his stage-fright and “this morning”. In the kitchen, they had a quicky, with Morimura worrying whether Takashima would come in demanding his breakfast since he has the spare key to Tounoin’s. For the record, Takashima is freeloading in Morimura’s room, and pays for the meals by accompanying Morimura’s violin just before opening hours of Ototsubo. Morimura glares at Tounoin’s poker face then they kiss and say the same old words. Finally, Morimura enters the stage.

He takes a peek at the audience, they usually never have more than 200 spectators. There are the usual family and friends, he also sees his old students of the brass-club who took their friends with them, and then there were… he hears the words “Tounoin Kei”, some came to hear the genius conductor? As the conductor, Tounoin appears on scene as last. He takes away some of the stress by asking whether it would hurt to refer themselves as 2-choume’s Fujimi, and then they play. Following Eine Kleine Nachtmusik it’s An der schönen blauen Donau and Finlandia. Everyone gave their 120% Then there’s a short break of 20 minutes. Afterwards there will be Morimura’s solo. Morimura tries to stop being nervous, but his legs are giving away and his mind is panicking. Even though he already decided not to rely on Tounoin, he can’t help but let out his despair when Tounoin asks whether he’s ok. Tounoin remains silent and pulls him in his arms for a deep kiss. To calm him down. Morimura isn’t convinced that it’s the time to do such things but in any case, he can’t continue this dispute as he is called on stage to play Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E. Suddenly he’s struck by a blackout, what’s the first note again? But when Tounoin is waving his baton, the music comes back to him. He wants to play out his feelings for the members who practiced so hard regardless their skills, for the audience who all bought tickets to hear them. And of course, he also plays for Tounoin. Morimura doesn’t even notice when they finished, and his consciousness finally returns. The audience are all excited and clap their hands, requesting an Encore. Backstage Tounoin and Morimura are discussing which music piece to take, as they didn’t prepare an Encore. Ishida however takes the microphone and speaks to the audience. The success of the performance is thanks to two young musicians, arrogant permanent conductor Tounoin Kei and concertmaster Morimura Yuuki who poured his heart and soul. Ishida then calls the two on stage and announces that Morimura will perform another solo in the third part. Morimura has no time to panic, as Ikushima also enters the scene. So that’s why Ikushima had pestered him with practice the whole week! And thus, they play. First it’s Albéniz’ Tango, following Massenet’s Méditation, Gounod’s Ave Maria, and last will probably be Humoresky, according to their practice. But Ikushima claims “4” doesn’t sound well (note: unlucky number shi = death), so how about the Gypsy song? When they finally get to Humoresque, Tounoin understands Morimura’s feelings and have everyone perform Eine Kleine Nachtmusic, as Morimura feels it’s Fujimi’s performance, and not his alone. The third part has truly reached its end, and in thanks, Fujimi claps their hands. Even if it’s not a convenient thing to do, they don’t care. But it’s not over yet, Ishida is busy with telling everyone about the afterparty at Currant. Tounoin taps Morimura’s shoulders, he congratulates him. Everyone in Fujimi agreed on Morimura’s solo play with Ikushima in the Encore. The name Ikushima Takane attracted the members of Fujimi Shimin and M Kyou, they must have probably changed their view on music, how skills aren’t the most important. This piece of information dazzles Morimura, he didn’t know they were present! Ikushima butts in, pressuring Morimura to change clothes, and waves away Morimura’s worries that he might have tainted Ikushima’s reputation. He and Tounoin have a friendly quarrel, and then they go to the after party. Ishida first has a speech (making jokes about not having financial bleeding this time), then Tounoin, who gives the honour of toasting to the concertmaster, much to the concertmaster’s own surprise. Back home, the three of them (+ Ikushima) are in Tounoin’s apartment, with Morimura using Tounoin’s legs as his pillow. Ikushima then returns to Morimura’s original apartment, since there is no coffee to drink (the lazy ass doesn’t make it himself). Back alone in silence, Morimura falls asleep. His last thoughts are how blessed he feels with the first recital in two years, and the success of his solo-performance.


The part of them making up is a very emotional and strong scene, helped by lovely BGM and amazing acting of the seiyuu. While they omitted some scenes of the last part, I liked it as well. It was Fujimi’s recital afterall, but having two climaxes in one dramacd was maybe too much for me.


Last subpart of the main story of Part I. However, there are still the side stories A, B and C, all of them are testimonies of Iida and Igarashi. It’s interesting to learn how others view our main characters, and the two of them are such funny lads.

I thought it was a very inconvenient way of Tounoin, how he tried to open up Morimura. Considering Morimura’s stubborn nature, I guess he had no choice. As for Morimura, Tounoin was right that it’s better to let out his feelings instead of keeping them all for themselves. Still, I can’t blame Morimura for making all kinds of scenes in his head. Tounoin’s insecurity was a fresh breath. There are no perfect beings, and Tounoin isn’t one either. Most of the time, Morimura is relying on Tounoin, but slowly there will be changes.


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