Answer 1

  • Title: Answer 1
  • Author: Sakiya Haruhi
  • Illustrator: Yamane Ayano
  • Pairing: Atoning rapist x Lonely widower
  • Dramacd: yes
    • Seme: Morikawa Toshiyuki
    • Uke: Suzuki Chihiro
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English:

Since I am planning to read Suggestion, might as well introduce the previous volume. The summary won’t be very thorough as someone has almost finished translating the whole novel. As for the story, the premise is quite ridiculous. A very decent man suddenly rapes another stranger just because the stranger’s first name is the same as his long time ex-lover whose marriage he just witnessed (as his best man no less!). What makes this novel a bit worthwhile, is that the seme actually feels “guilty”  for all the crap he’s dished out on poor uke.


Hatano Yukio is forced into a pure sexual relationship with Mashiba Takaaki due to one drunken night.  The reason why he continues the relationship is because Mashiba would disclose the fact that Hatano slept with a guy to his work (something related to children, I don’t remember, and I don’t care!). Which is not a very strong threaten, as Hatano knows where Mashiba works and can stir trouble there. Anyway, Hatano just continues the relationship anyway, as in Mashiba’s eyes he recognises the same sadness of his previous wife, who died while pregnant. One day, the day after Mashiba finally solved his issues with his ex and stayed over for the first time, Mashiba forgets some important documents and Hatano decided to bring it to his office. There he meets Mashiba’s previous lover Ikawa Yukio who is obviously looking down on Hatano who doesn’t have a shiny job nor shiny looks. Then Mashiba’s supervisor appears on scene and it turns out Hatano used to be a very promising employee of the same company, but he quit for personal reasons. Curious to Hatano’s past, he goes for a drink with his supervisor. After hearing of Hatano’s sad past (everyone close to him died), he is disgusted with himself for what he has done with such a brave man. However, instead of going back to apologise, he feels he has no face to see Hatano anymore, and Hatano on his side feels he has been abandoned again. One day he hears from the supervisor that Mashiba is sick at home. He goes to visit him, only to discover that the sickness is due to him drinking too much. After getting yelled out by Mashiba, he really scrams, after leaving a very cold goodbye. Mashiba immediately regrets his words and runs after him. He tells he loves him, while Hatano scolds him what he is doing in the middle of the road, isn’t this his usual way to work? Seeing how weak Mashiba is, he supports him back to his apartment. I think this is where the translation stopped, just wait patiently until the translation has finished :p. (Not that there’s much left to it >_>)


Hard to voice an opinion, as it was one of my first BLCDs. I do know now that I am not very fond of Suzuki Chihiro, and still think that MoriMori has the “ultimate-seme”-vibes.

Rating: ****

As mentioned before, a ridiculous premise, but hey, it’s hot, and it’s available free in English. So every BL-fan should go read this novel.


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