Kachou no Koi was pretty good! While I never read the manga or listened to the BLCDs, I knew it was a gag story about the kachou denying-he’s-gay-but-is-king-among-gays. The flash animation really suited the story ^^ and Okki is always awesome :D

Seito Kaichou 2 wasn’t bad either, very erotic, even if the important parts are never shown. I wonder whether there’s a tokuten manga here too, and whether I can find it somewhere.

EDIT: forgot to mention about the upcoming Koisuru Boukun in June 25. Looking forward to it, the screencaps were lovely. I think they use the original cast of the dramacd, if not I wonder why, as both seiyuu have proven to have no problem acting in BL OVAs. If I had a hand in it, I would swap the roles though, as in Brothers (Midorin x Torikou *yum*).


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