Tounoin Kei

  • Full Name: 桐ノ院圭
  • Nicknames: Denchuu Otoko, Denchuu Denka
  • Birthday: August 8th, 1971
  • Place of Birth: Seijou, Tokyo
  • Occupation: (at the start) Assistant Conductor of MHK Koukyougakudan (M Kyou)
  • Physical Appearance: With his 192cm, he is very tall for a Japanese man. Even though he has broad shoulders, he is quite slender. His hair is pitch black which he prefers to comb behind. He has been described as the “Asian Karajan, but more handsome”, with his long dark face and outlined eyebrows. His eyes are long and slim, the nose is straight and high with thin lips under all that. The determined face-features are complemented by strong-willed jaws and poker face. While used wearing the most expensive clothes, he feels the most at ease with just a shirt and simple pants. He walks around with his baton, inherited from Karajan.
  • Background: 
    • Family: The emperor granted the Tounoin-family the title of Koushaku (duke). Their title disappeared with the fall of the feudalism in WWI. His great-grandfather build the house in Seijou and joined the bank-industry. His grandfather Takamune still lives in the house though he has stated he won’t meddle with worldly affairs anymore. He initially had 4 children: 2 sons and twin daughters. The eldest son (Kouichirou) died even before Tounoin’s birth, while the other, Shigetou Kouji, abandoned his name and position as the heir and left, becoming a doctor and starting his own hospital, leaving the burden to his 2-year younger sisters. The twins were Fumiko and Hanako. Tanemitsu married into the Tounoin-family with Fumiko. They had a son, Tounoin Kei. But Fumiko died after giving birth, leaving baby Tounoin motherless until Tanemitsu remarried with the little sister Hanako. Sayoko came out of this union. Tounoin found out about his biological mother when he was a 4th year primary student, while listening to a fight between his “mother” and father. Even though she isn’t Kei’s biological mother, she takes “her responsibility as Kei’s mother, the heir, very serious…” was what she said. Tounoin didn’t take this very well and started to loath his mother together with the majority of women. Tounoin only returns home once a month to meet up with his grandfather. Because of his background filled with intrigues, he has trained himself to walk around with a poker face. He talks formally because that’s the only speech he has been taught to. (note: I might move this piece of information to another section)
    • Music: He has been raised surrounded by classical music thanks to his grandfather, as his father has no interest to them. A genius since childhood, he always knew he wanted to become a musician, the problem was always in which way and whether classical music was really his road. He can play the violin and piano, and while fond of both instruments, he decided that nothing can beat the combination of all the instruments and turned his attention to conducting. He always went to a private school with no particular attention to music, so he’s an autodidact. That’s the reason why he quit Arts University after an argument with a lecturer, claiming that there’s nothing to learn anyway. Before, he registered himself to the university in secret against his father’s wishes, and likewise he traveled abroad to Germany and Austria to study music on his own. He financed himself through the income of real estate from his early inheritance of his grandfather. When he entered Fujimi, he was assistant conductor of M Kyou. While he rarely gets the opportunity to actually conduct, he appears every day to observe. Tounoin is still studying music. He can hear the music just by reading the music scores.
    • Fujimi: Originally, he joined Fujimi lured by Morimura. But soon enough he learns the charm of Fujimi and has the ambitious dream to make Fujimi worldly known. For that he is even prepared to make a deal with Sayoko and construct a practice building for Fujimi.
    • Romantic interests: He lost his virginity to someone older when he was 16. Afterwards he had a string of flings and short relationships. His previous lovers all stood out, be it in looks or in talent. He claims he has only fallen in love twice in his life, first Herbert von Karajan, and the second person being Morimura Yuuki.
  • Personality: He seems self-confident and arrogant. While they’re not entirely an act, he has issues with his nerves and must encourage himself from time to time. Tounoin Kei might look and talk cold on the outside, in truth he is an overly passionate and romantic man. In his own way he is gentle and considerate. This man doesn’t do anything halfheartedly, knows what he wants and won’t adapt himself to anyone. His concentration power is so amazing that he goes into trance when he’s studying. He is also a very proud person who doesn’t like to show his weaknesses in front of others or even in front of his lover. He doesn’t like to talk because people tend to misunderstand him. However he is able of conveying his thoughts very well even if the subtle tact is absent. Until he met Morimura, he didn’t realise how lonely he was.
  • Relationship to Morimura: When he first heard of Morimura’s sound he immediately knew that person must become his violinist. When he finally met his violinist it was love at first sight as Morimura was his favourite type. He has suffered quite a bit until they finally became lovers, because he didn’t imagine he had a chance. But he persevered, he believed that if he wasn’t loved by that person, he wouldn’t be able to like himself anymore. At times he would feel guilty, Morimura was fired because of their relationship, how Morimura wouldn’t be able to live a normal life with wife and children, and finally with all the problems his own family causes. Morimura taught him a lot about himself. He is experiencing all kinds of emotions like jealousy, monopolising, or just being sincerely thankful… and he owes all that to Morimura. That’s why he takes up the role as his guardian, as his way to show his love. This doesn’t mean that he always agrees with his lover. When Morimura was overworking himself he would force him to quit, and he tries to push Morimura towards a professional musician’s role. Not because he wants a professional musician as his lover by any means, but because he knows that Morimura isn’t satisfied with himself and Tounoin wants to share his talent to the whole world. Compares Morimura to a bunny.
  • Trivia: wears briefs


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