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Aarinfantasy released Shounen-maid Kuro-kun. I figured if I could stomach Pico-series, then Kuro-kun wouldn’t be a problem, plus I was curious about the whole ani-mix thing. Last time I heard of that term was when Viewfinder and Yebisu Celebrities would get “ani-mixed”. Still no news about them though. Anyway, for Kuro-kun, with no fav seiyuu just fastforwarded a few times. Conclusion: only watch if you like shota, because it’s not funny nor erotic.

Speaking of anime, didn’t know that Bartender was also animated. Bartender is originally a slice-of-life seinen manga with nice art and focused on the ppl who frequent the bar that the protagonist is working in. I really wonder whether there are bartenders who take his job as serious like him. Another reason for Bartender is his seiyuu Mizushima Takahiro. Quite different from when he’s playing uke ^^

Aaah… wish Liar Game would get its own anime, for shoujo Tokyo Crazy Paradise would be a blast. As for BL… definitely Fujimi, with its original cast. Hey, a girl (woman) can dream right?


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  1. Kencana
    Jun 13, 2010 @ 19:06:58

    Do you like Tokyo Crazy Paradise?


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