Answer 2: Suggestion

  • Title: Answer 2: Suggestion
  • Author: Sakiya Haruhi
  • Illustrator: Yamane Ayano
  • Pairing: Atoning rapist x Lonely widower
  • Dramacd: yes
    • Seme: Morikawa Toshiyuki
    • Uke: Suzuki Chihiro
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • English translation available: NONE (that I know of)

Like Answer, lots of detailed H. Skipped most of the H scenes, uninteresting business and other boring stuff. In the second installment our protagonists are adapting to their new status, with some interruption of the crazy ex.


After the first installment it’s still a bit awkward between Hatano and Mashiba. Mashiba is showing his true self, a considerate man who doesn’t like to dominate but likes to act spoiled and stick like glue. Hatano is just not used to such a careful and gentle Mashiba, like he’s trying to make up for the past. Also, after meeting Mashiba’s previous lover, gorgeous Ikawa Yukio, he has no clue why Mashiba would choose him. Mashiba’s office is very busy now and they only get to see each other in bed. Because Hatano’s apartment is much further than Mashiba’s to his company, he would send Mashiba back to his own apartment. One night, Mashiba asks with a sad face, does he want to chase him away that fast? He finds Hatano rather cold lately. In all panic Hatano tries to explain, but can’t conceal the fact that he finds Mashiba’s current love-making too gentle. Mashiba manages to dig an embarrassed Hatano out of the blanket and goes for a rougher round. In the middle, Mashiba takes out the “cohabitation”-word and is basically trying to force Hatano to agree. Hatano proves stubborn, and after seeing the tears Mashiba decides to stall his proposition and cease his suffering. While lying in each other’s arms Hatano can’t help but remember the stark difference between this Mashiba and the Mashiba he just met. When he unconsciously lets out that it really hurt in the beginning Mashiba only cowers his head and shows how guilty he feels. Hatano immediately regrets his careless words, he knew that it’s a touchy subject for the other man. Hatano puts a gentle kiss on Mashiba and tells him there was no hidden meaning, he still needs time to consider the cohabitation. It’s not the first time that Mashiba proposed this. They then talk about Mashiba’s recent department transfer and Hatano is still downplaying himself, referring himself as an old man. This displeases Mashiba who counters that he fears the day when Hatano is lured by one of his female colleagues. He is immediately reprimanded, but deep inside Hatano’s dried up heart is moistened by Mashiba’s jealousy. With Mashiba looking like a scolded puppy, Hatano can’t help but laugh and he initiates another round, to show that he’s not angry about the past. Alone in the bathroom, Hatano is feeling guilty. Mashiba thinks that the reason he isn’t willing to live together is due to Hatano not having forgiven him and Hatano is unable of honestly expressing how much he loves Mashiba. After losing his wife he has become overly cautious and tries to avoid expectations. In bed he would try to fill the gap with his body, and he would test whether the other man would run after him. When Mashiba checks on him he invites him to join the bath, only to become embarrassed and regretting his words immediately. In their shared bahting, Mashiba tells him to take his time considering the cohabitation. But Hatano knows, in a few days he will bring this up again.

It’s Monday, Mashiba left to the office while Hatano has the day off from nursery. While cleaning up, he feels the 3-room apartment is too big. In the past, he was used to the spacious rooms, but with Mashiba filling the space when he’s at home he became used to the presence of the tall man. He isn’t very sure why he is hesitating that much over the cohabitation. In their current situation, Mashiba would come over almost everyday. The reason why Mashiba wants to speed things up, is because the end of his rent contract is nearing. Before, Hatano had been living like a hermit for personal and financial reasons. There were no hobbies or social interactions. He earned enough in his previous job, but with his current occupation the situation is rather tight. He stops in front of Yuuko’s original room. In these 6 years he hasn’t even touched the door. Before he thought he hesitated to Mashiba’s proposition because it was too suddenly. Then he figured he was scared that Mashiba would get tired of him eventually. But now the thought of Mashiba using Yuuko’s room makes him feel uneasy. Maybe the true reason is because he never had desired anyone this much. With Youko, they were licking their wounds together, and by filling each other’s wounds a deep affection was made between them. They could even understand each other without words, but there was one thing that she couldn’t share with Hatano, and that was the feeling of harbouring a passionate love for someone. Hatano never experienced such a feeling, while Yuuko loved her adoptive father. But right now, he understands this feeling too well. There are other factors too. Outsiders won’t have a good opinion about two men living together and might tear them apart. Then there’s still Ikawa who still hasn’t given up on Mashiba. Of course Mashiba has assured him he won’t get back together with his ex, but still…

Two weeks pass, Mashiba is diligently working in the company, taking care of annoying troubles. With the client leaving a disheartened Mashiba feels a pat. It’s Kamata who was also transferred to the planning division. Kamata comforts him and just when Mashiba is feeling the marks on his back left by Hatano’s nails, Kamata asks about the man in question. Hatano also used Kamata as a reason for Mashiba not to move in, how would they explain their situation? However, Mashiba has seen the sad eyes whenever he passes Yuuko’s room. While there’s regret to know how important Yuuko still is for Hatano, he can’t force anything. After everything that has happened, he’s thankful for he is sure that Hatano would feel lonely when they don’t see each other for a couple of days. Hatano truly is indulgent towards him, his previous lovers all disliked his suffocating love. The reason why Ikawa turned so selfish might be his fault. He is woken up from his daydreams and continues work until his colleagues have left. On his way outside he is stopped by Ikawa. Ikawa has lost his previous grandeur. Like Mashiba he has been transferred to another department, but in his case it was a demotion. Because of the loss of future prospects his wife left him, leaving the lazy Ikawa with sloppy clothes (Mashiba probably took care of these in the past). To his request to get back together Mashiba flat out refuses, he knows of the impure motivation. Then Ikawa mentions that “hofu”, which renders Mashiba to soften his tone. The other reason is because he doesn’t wish to see the man he used to love degenerate, this might have been due to Hatano’s influence. Hearing Mashiba comforting him, Ikawa leaves, with scary eyes, remarking that Mashiba has changed. In such a dispirited state his feet lead him to Hatano’s apartment, but calls first to hear whether it’s convenient.

Almost immediately after the door opens, he holds Hatano in his arms who just came from a bath. (Next, very long and rough sex on kitchen table). Hatano guesses that something must have happened at work but doesn’t pressure. Mashiba is ashamed, for always indulging in Hatano’s kindness.

Then they don’t see each other for another three weeks, thanks to Mashiba being busy in the company. When Mashiba finally goes to Hatano’s place he is surprised by mountains of boxes. Hatano mentioned it before, but he didn’t imagine that the bazaar would be this huge. Seeing these clumsily packed items he offers to help him pack, while Hatano puts them in boxes.

Next day Hatano leaves Mashiba alone for the bazaar. Mashiba stares at the locked door that separates him from Yuuko’s room and compares it to Hatano’s heart. He has never seen a picture of her before and can’t help but feel jealous because he will never be able to win over a dead person. He begs her to hand Hatano to him. Suddenly his phone calls. Since it doesn’t stop ringing he answers the unknown number, it’s Hatano. He calls him for help, he is to be at the nursery right away. Feeling happy to be depended on Mashiba hurries to said place. One of their people has been hospitalised, and now they are short on manpower,are confused about the planning and don’t know how to construct the barbecue. Mashiba seizes the situation and rescues the day. There’s some jealousy from both sides, with Mashiba becoming very happy when learning this. He becomes even happier when Hatano comments how a little girl said how cool he was. He teases Hatano a bit, that he would like to hear this in bed too. Hatano protests immediately, those weren’t his words, and turns red. At the end of the day Hatano convinces Mashiba to stay over. He tries to conceal how cool he found Mashiba indeed. Until that moment, he had always indulged Mashiba, but that day he has seen his mature and dependable side. Then Hatano notices, Mashiba hasn’t mentioned about living together. There’s a chill in his heart. On the sofa they talk a bit about the kids with the tough backgrounds and then Hatano complains about how to nurture children to healthy happy beings. It’s the first time he has talked about his work. Around 11 o’clock Mashiba decides it’s bed-time, and Hatano is surprised again. While they don’t make love every time they see each other, it has all in all been 3 weeks ago. It hits him that he has never initiated the sex and wonders how to invite his lover, being scared of being rejected. In bed he’s still struggling how to deal with the situation when he feels Mashiba’s “up”-state. But Mashiba only replies that Hatano must be tired, after the preparations of the bazaar. He’s fine with just cuddling each other. As a fellow-man, Hatano knows how painful it must be for Mashiba right now, and touched by this consideration, he throws away his fear and finally helps him a hand… and mouth.

In the middle of the night there’s a pressing phone-call of Kamata, whether he knows where Mashiba is. Apparently there was a fire in his apartment complex, and it might have been set by someone. After repeating that Hatano should just sleep in bed, Mashiba leaves to check on what’s left of his belongings. At first Hatano just absently stands on the same place, but then he notices that Mashiba’s wallet is on the ground, right in front of Yuuko’s previous room. He asks her for advice, if he let Mashiba go that day, what would have happened to him? Is he allowed to love Mashiba? Can he give her room to him? But he has known this answer all along, of course Yuuko would allow him to do so. He has decided to talk about Mashiba moving in once he’s back. Then the door rings, it must be Mashiba who forgot his wallet. But the person turns out to be Ikawa Yukio, who wants to have a talk with him, about Takaaki. Hatano couldn’t recognise Ikawa at first, he’s a shadow of his gorgeous past. Hatano senses that something is wrong with that man, he decides to carefully handle him and invites him in. Ikawa wants them to break up. Mashiba was only being difficult because he decided to marry without telling him. If not why would he get together with someone regular-looking like Hatano? Mashiba is very particular on looks and would never be with someone older. Hatano is disgusted by Ikawa’s inconsideration, he can imagine quite vividly how Mashiba must have been cherishing Ikawa like some absolute being, making Ikawa what he is now. He replicates that even if Mashiba is only with him out of pity, he doesn’t care and won’t let go of him. This enrages Ikawa even more, and he flips when he notices Hatano’s pajamas; Mashiba must have bought it for him. He nears him and they struggle. On one moment Ikawa sprays something in his mouth, rendering him powerless under Ikawa’s body. His pajama’s are torn, next are his pants, and Ikawa is verbally and physically abusing him (with his finger). Then Hatano recognises the smell he found familiar, it’s oil, Ikawa must have set Mashiba’s apartment on fire! Hatano eventually finds an opportunity to smack a cup on Ikawa and then Ikawa has lost it. He runs to Hatano and beats him up. Of course Hatano fights back, but he’s no match and on one point Ikawa is strangling him. Just when he is about to lose conscious, the hero appears, beats Ikawa and holds Hatano in his arms. There is an exchange of words, but they can’t reason with Ikawa, who’s laughing and crying at the same time. His hand is crushing glass, but he doesn’t feel the pain. With that hand he’s aiming to Mashiba’s neck. They are fighting, but perhaps due to Ikawa’s insane state, he slightly shorter man has the upper hand and pushes Mashiba up to Yuuko’s room. Just when he’s about to strike with the glass, Yuuko’s room’s lock breaks and the door opens. Hatano isn’t able to see what happens inside, but Mashiba turns victorious. He has wounded Ikawa on the shoulder. The hero carries Hatano away, leaving a pitiful Ikawa behind. Then Hatano loses consciousness.

At the hospital only Ikawa needs major treatment. In Hatano’s case, the spray won’t do much harm in small doses. Originally they didn’t want to involve the police, but seeing their bizarre situation, the hospital called them. Like this the two walk home, as Hatano would throw up in a car. He hears Mashiba out about the police’s conclusion, since he wasn’t able to satisfy due to his condition. After learning that the instigator of the fire was Ikawa and smelling the oil on his body they concluded that they were the victims and let them off. On the way home Mashiba isn’t able to look Hatano in the eyes. He apologises, and he really shouldn’t be by Hatano’s side. Hatano’s heart stops, so he is losing someone he loves again? But Mashiba ends with that he isn’t able of giving Hatano up afterall. He falls on his knees and begs him to allow him to be with Hatano. Of course Hatano is willing.

When they’re back home, Hatano tells Mashiba he doesn’t want to put charges on Ikawa, because further investigation would reveal Mashiba’s relationship with his ex. Then they’re all mushy mushy, it basically comes back whether someone this common as him (Hatano) really is sufficient love-love-talk. (skip skip skip) They decide to finally clean out Yuuko’s room. And then they H (skip skip skip). When they have finished the move, they will both visit Yuuko and Hatano parents’ tombs. The end

Dramacd: I’ll… get back on this after relistening. It has been over two years or so.

Rating: ***

Finished! I forgot that in the past I would read the whole novel first before summarising; at least the summary wouldn’t be that long. In the future I will summarise the dramacd if it’s a popular title… because a whole week (or so) was spent on this post! I don’t even like this series. (but sadly, it’s popular -_-) About Ikawa, I totally agree it’s Mashiba’s fault! While the ‘Ikawa’s” I knew didn’t turn insane, they all turned selfish and deemed theirselves the most important entities in the world, without any consideration for others. Their lovers were the same kind, they would worship their “Ikawa”. “Ikawa” wants a finger, the lover would give a whole hand with a smile. While Ikawa is the main person to blame, the responsibility isn’t entire his.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kencana
    Jun 14, 2010 @ 08:41:50

    Nice review.

    Honestly, I don’t know why seme likes to rape uke and uke always like the ‘mean’ one rather than ‘nice’ one. Are ‘bad’ guy that popular?


    • Ginnungagap
      Jun 14, 2010 @ 14:00:23

      :D Got insensitive to the whole rape already. Even though statistics argue this, we fans associate rape with passionate love, which is why the whole rape-thing is so popular, or so I think.
      Luckily in this novel’s case, there were no nice alternatives to Mashiba, so all ends well :)


  2. bobo
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 06:23:20

    thank you so much for all your lovely and detailed summaries- much like this one. I am having fun looking through them. :)

    Ohhh man, I kinda feel for Ikawa in a way– he was very shallowly written- there to be the “bad insane guy” and nothing else. I think Answer is mostly a smutty, h-filled affair, which can be nice – but there’s not much to say about the actual plot and characters.


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