Fujimi 2-choume Koukyougakudan Series Part II.A

  • Title: 富士見二丁目交響楽団シリーズII.A: 野生のアマデウス
  • Author: Akizuki Koo
  • Illustrator: Nishi Keiko
  • Pairing: Bear genius pianist x Wild Amadeus
  • Dramacd: yes
    • Seme: Yao Kazuki
    • Uke: Yamaguchi Kappei
  • Summary based on: NOVEL
  • Availability in English: no
  • WARNING: intercourse with minor

Again juggling with the subparts for the following reason. II.1 starts in January while Sora was picked up in December. Yasei no Amadeus is a side-story that concentrates on Ikushima Takane, the bear-like friend of Tounoin and genius pianist. In II.A Our (my) favourite couple does appear from time to time so even if you don’t like this couple, there are still a few crumbles to look forward to!

As usual, Ikushima bursts in Tounoin’s apartment on a certain noon (three weeks before christmas) demanding food, and like always Morimura is consumed by his violin. While lying on the bed, he remembers the scene he has seen the previous day. Even though more early than usual, he entered Tounoin’s room for lunch. Inside he caught Morimura straddling Tounoin, making the loveliest noises. Imagining this Morimura he gets frustrated and while he wants that cute butt badly, he won’t touch him because he’s Tounoin’s. But he’s a young man, and hurries to the toilet, complaining that he wants to do Morimura at least once. At the moment he is living in Morimura’s apartment, still paid by Morimura. But as an old friend of Tounoin, it’s only natural that he helps him out (from his point of view at least). Fujimi is a very clean place, boring without sexual pleasures. In the past he lived with some owner of a bar, paying the rent in natura. But because of a fight with her toyboy he was chased out of his previous room. Now he is forced to seek his sexual pleasure elsewhere. However the girls nowadays are very expensive, and right now he has been holding himself back for three weeks. It’s about time to find his own honey! He’s comfortable with both women and men, but he prefers men because of the tightness. So in such thoughts on his way to Ototsubo, he rides into a little kid. At first he wants to teach the brat a lesson, but after realising he’s “from the same world” (wild and ready to run), he softens up and asks his name. He’s called Sora.

He takes the kid to Ototsubo and orders some food for him. Sora notices the wound on Ikushima’s leg and kneels down, intending to lick the wound. He truly is like a cat. After learning his age (14), Ikushima doesn’t believe him at first. He’s too small and skinny. Apparently, he’s a kid from the neighbourhood. Then food arrives and Ikushima prepares himself for work, which is playing the piano. The piano itself sucks and the pay is only 2000 yen an hour, but he likes the job (at this point he only works 1,5 hours a day). He is getting paid for playing his beloved piano. Five years ago he was tricked so he joined several contests for the prize-money, earning him the title of “genius”. But he is disgusted by their “sophisticated” world and has been expelled. He originally loved jazz, but for some unknown reason he has come to choose classical music as his destiny. After getting expelled he has roamed several places, and now he is staying in the native country of his parents. Since he’s in a good mood, he asks the owner what to play. The stubborn man answers “Tragische”, by Beethoven. For the past three months, he has been requested this same song all over again. But that’s what he appreciates in the owner. While playing, Sora suddenly makes strange noises and various happy expressions. Ikushima recognises himself in Sora, who had the same reaction when he heard the piano. He switches to a Mazurka of Chopin and Sora commences to dance. While the dance is ugly, at least he has a feeling for rhythm. Ikushima plays a polka, and Sora dances like a Cossack. Same with the next pieces. Ikushima has decided, he will take this kid back home, because he’s pretty sure that the kid doesn’t have any relatives.

Of course both Morimura and Tounoin aren’t very happy that Ikushima suddenly took a child home, he’s not a cat or dog afterall. Tounoin even dared to suggest whether it’s Ikushima’s illegitimate child. During the time that Morimura gently helps Sora in the shower, he has a talk with Tounoin. He doesn’t care whether Sora has relatives, if things turn bad he will just flee with Sora.

Three days later Tounoin has someone investigating Sora’s past. Apparently he’s an illegitimate child who hasn’t been registered. His mother died not long ago. Because of Japan’s current law (no registry, no school obligation) he hasn’t enjoyed any education. He can write his name however (that Ikushima can’t read) When Morimura stammers the words “What kind of parent is that?”, only to be kicked by Sora who’s almost in tears. Morimura immediately apologises for insulting his beloved mother. Ikushima however makes Sora promise not to kick “Mommy” again. At first Morimura protests, but he gives up soon enough. Since his mother’s death in August, the authorities have been looking for a guardian for Sora, but his case became a true headache when he turns to be escaping from the adoption institute time after time. Ikushima has decided, he will become Sora’s guardian. As for the provisions, he will earn them in Ototsubo. After inquiring whether Ikushima has a Japanese nationality (which he hasn’t) and witnessing his determination (Sora and he “are of the same type”) both Tounoin and Morimura give up and let Ikushima do whatever he wishes. Then it’s time for work, Sora is coming with him, but he needs to wait outside in order not to disturb the other customers with his crazy dances. As for the extra income, Ikushima made a deal. He will receive a fee for taking requests, as he is the great Ikushima Takane.

Not long later Ikushima takes Sora to an amateur orchestra performance. The tickets were free anyway, and it’s a good way to introduce him to more instruments and their music. He first makes him promise not to make a scene however. The level isn’t very good, but Ikushima bears with it, witnessing how much Sora enjoys it. But when the second movement is starting, Sora starts to tremble and makes all kinds of noises. Ikushima takes Sora out of the room and asks what he thinks of the orchestra. Sora only answers that it’s scary. He wants to react to the music, but he can’t because he wasn’t allowed to. When asked which part was particular “scary”, Sora picked the best part and hummed it perfectly. Sora indeed is a wild Amadeus. Ikushima then promises to take him to an orchestra when he can sing and dance to his heart’s content next time.

That location is our Fujimi. Our dear members try their best to follow Tounoin’s conducting and ignore the jumping and singing fellow on the background. Sora might look like some demented kid, but Ikushima understands. Sora is trying to express the music with his body. Ikushima ignores Tounoin’s eyes, they are clearly telling him that the kid is annoying. Sora makes use of the opportunity to walk through the musicians to listen to every instrument attentively. He would always stop in front of the best musician. So when Sora was this near to Morimura to the point of him unable moving his bow, instead of pushing Sora away he pulls him into his lap and positions the violin under Sora’s chin without having any flaw in his play under this uncomfortable position. Afterwards Sora even gave an angel-like kiss on Morimura’s cheek. During the third movement he stays with Ikushima and experiences the music with his eyes closed. When asked which instrument he likes best, Sora doesn’t hesitate and runs to the French horns, with eyes and hands that seem to grab the instrument out of the owner’s hands any time. Ikushima disciplines him by slapping him, Sora mustn’t behave like this, he will buy him a French horn eventually, when he has money.

Instead of the usual one and a half hours, Ikushima plays 6 hours a day in Ototsubo. No day has passed by without Sora asking about his French horn, and after two weeks, two days before New Year he finds a “cheap” French horn, which he haggles for 35 000 yen. So instead of going to work, he returns home with the new purchase and makes Sora promise to treasure the instrument. He is to learn how to play it himself, Ikushima doesn’t know anything about the French horn and he feels that Sora should solve his own problems if he really wants to play the horn. He goes upstairs to bully Morimura a bit, but returns very quickly for Morimura is again seriously practicing Air on the G String. Back in his room, he is fantasising about his past bed partners. He bedded several nationalities, but the best are still the Asian ones. The sexiest one was a Chinese, Morimura looks a bit like him. He closes his eyes for a bit when he suddenly feels someone opening his zipper, it’s Sora, he wants to return the favor for giving him the horn. Seems like his mother taught him not to receive anything for free, for they are no beggars. Even though his mother didn’t register him, she did all she could to raise him by selling her body and imprinted him the value of determination and pride. So against such a Sora, Ikushima tells him to do whatever he wants, which ends in a fellatio. Sora isn’t very good in it, but he came nevertheless. But he’s still angry, for Sora is treating him like a stranger, like they were exchanging merchandise. But he soon enough realises his mistake. Sora didn’t do it to just return the favor, he wanted to thank Ikushima. He didn’t know how so he imitated his mother. He consoles the crying kid and asks whether he wants to do it again. From now on, he is to call him by his first name, Takane. bad bad Ikushima!

The passing of New Year was quite boring, very unlike in New York. But the main reason was within Morimura, who was gloomy with Tounoin returning to his family (explained in II.1). Ikushima blames Tounoin for making Honey so lonely. Three days later the neighbour (the same as I.4 most certainly!) starts to complain about Sora’s practice with the horn. While Ikushima  can take care of her, Sora decides to practice outside anyway. They continue their life like this, Sora leaves in the morning to practice, and when Ikushima is back from work, the kid is already asleep. Morimura has expressed his worry for leaving the kid outside, Ikushima however thinks it will do Sora some good. Ikushima knows that Sora doesn’t like oral sex in particular, but he automatically relieves Ikushima whenever he notices that the man needs some. In order to assure Sora that he doesn’t need to do that, he teaches him to kiss, to show him his affection. But Sora still goes down on Ikushima.

Not long later, Tounoin comes with a job, he is to accompany Morimura with Air on the G string in Ototsubo that night. Ikushima isn’t very worried, for an amateur, Morimura is good, but he still isn’t close enough to be a considered a professional. His results come from hard work and aren’t not from innate ability. But that night, he, genius pianist Ikushima Takane, lost to this amateur concertmaster. The owner then explains to him, it’s not the piano nor his fingers, it’s his spirit. In the beginning he was thirsty for music, but now he can’t compare to Morimura’s desire. Ikushima runs away, and yells to Morimura that he will catch up with him once he has found a better piano. He plans to avenge himself on Tounoin, who made use of him. Just wait, he will make Tounoin regret, for he will become better and will let him hear the intertwining harmony between his piano and Honey’s violin. (said in a sexual suggesting way)

It’s already a month after he bought Sora the French horn. That day he is off due to the owner’s granddaughter’s marriage. He is lazily dawdling in Tounoin’s apartment when Morimura expresses his worries about Sora to Tounoin who’s late (not to Ikushima because he lets Sora do whatever he wants). Morimura then leaves to search for the kid, but comes back after a few minutes already. Turns out Sora has been sitting on the stairs since afternoon in the cold. His face looks blue and his eyes are red from crying. That day while cleaning his horn, he made a hole. He is told to try playing the instrument, and all are awed by the beautiful sound. But Ikushima doesn’t praise him, because this is only the first step to greatness. He will only tell this when Sora has caught up on him. In euphory, he kisses Sora with both Morimura and Tounoin watching. Morimura protests but Ikushima doesn’t care, he loves Sora. He promises Sora to buy him a new horn once he has the money. For Sora to be able to play together with Ikushima, he needs to learn how to read the scores, and without asking he appoints Morimura as his new teacher in both music and school education. Morimura accepts this with some grumbling. As for becoming Sora’s legitimate parent, Tounoin suggests him to see his lawyer. Sora is delighted at Ikushima’s comment that he can’t read a word Japanese, Ikushima and he are the same!  Ikushima scolds him and tells him to study for both their parts.

Back in their bed Ikushima starts pondering. Even though he told Tounoin that they were lovers, he knows that Sora only wants such a relationship to dispel his loneliness. From now on, he will be Sora’s father, and a father can’t let his son do such a thing. After telling the kid not to pleasure him anymore Sora only asks whether Ikushima really must become his father. He doesn’t like his biological father, and he doesn’t need one. He wants to marry Ikushima and become his lover. He slaps Sora three times for insulting his own mother, who said he wasn’t raised well to think rationally. Ikushima reasons with the kid that even if he witnessed his mother doing this, he shouldn’t bear this himself. But Sora denies that he is bearing this, the one bearing everything should be Ikushima. Ikushima is reflecting, the reason he is refusing Sora is because he doesn’t want to become one of those pathetic men who visit male prostitutes an Sora’s age is also something to ponder on. On Sora’s apology, that he also reacts when relieving Ikushima, he takes down the kid’s pants. There’s hair on it, Sora indeed is a growing man. He will show Sora the sex that he has been longing for all this time. (but he only goes up to B). Lying together in bed, Sora then mentions he doesn’t mind, to have him in his body. Tounoin’s is big too, so if Mommy can take it…He saw Morimura and Tounoin enjoying each other when he entered for his meal one day. Ikushima realises that it’s because of this that Sora has been so stubbornly insisting on sex. Sora knows that Ikushima has been lusting after Mommy, is that why Ikushima doesn’t want to do it with him? Ikushima reprimands him, just wait until he’s as big as Mommy, he will let him scream like Mommy as well. But right now, he’s too small and it would be painful for both of them. He loves Sora, his beautiful “Sky”, a being more pure and sincere than anyone. That’s why, he’ll wait for him. However…

One week later, they do go all the way, and as expected, it was painful as hell. Ikushima takes note not to be too vigorous after seeing Sora’s white face. Even if the whole world disapproves of him he doesn’t care. In Sora he has found the person he needs.

On a Saturday in February, Sora says goodbye and leaves with Morimura for his first day in Fujimi orchestra. Tounoin has just returned and is enjoying dinner. While Ikushima is worried whether Sora will fit in Fujimi, he decides that it will be an experience. On his bicycle he rings a few times to the small figure with the huge French horn on his back.

I still don’t like Yamaguchi’s shotas, so the cd wasn’t very pleasant to listen to. This subpart has also been quite faithfully dramatised, and Tounoin sounded so gentle when talking to Sora! Loved those bits ^^

I… am very happy that the author realises that one won’t be fluent in a language if raised in another country like the protagonist in Hanakimi who can write and read Japanese! Maybe hers was not perfect, but it’s not easy for a foreigner with Asian parents to pick up their languages as well ! While I was disturbed by Sora’s age, it didn’t disgust me to the point of discontinuing this series. Another series of Akizuki Koo also features a 14-year old protagonist, but but… they take place in another era with different values! Back on the story, I think Morimura would be a great mother parent! He has been feeding the small fry with all might and is so caring towards Sora. As for Tounoin, he indeed is a figure to be respected. They’re just like their roles towards Fujimi!

Now totally random, Holland go go go!!! But Japan and South-Korea has my support as well ^^ It would be cool if an Asian country would win ne~


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  1. zouzzizou
    Jun 16, 2010 @ 23:45:40

    I’m not an anti-shota in fiction but putting Ikushima beside a petite boy like this really give off a bad impression. I try my best not to picture that H-scene in mind *shivers*, it would be better if sensei write this at shounen-ai level, with an opening end for example ( >.<)


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