non-BL anime rant

Have been watching all of Baka to TEST to Shoukanjuu, and it was quite good! Some jokes and fanservices may look a bit forced, but all in all very entertaining. It won’t surprise me if this series is very popular, as it shows some eyecandy to most fandom. For the boys we have ecchi, action, a protagonist one can identify with, “sisterly love”, yuri, harem,… and for the fujoshi there are much hinted slash, bishounen, a purehearted gay glasses character, crossdressing,… all packed in the mantle of comedy. Definitely recommanded, with Shimono Hiro and Suzuki Tatsuhisa. I especially liked the black/white framed “serious” talks between Yuuji and Akihisa (so dry!) and the all-male ending clips, like it was designed for a shounen-ai anime ^^ Available in Aarinfantasy. It’s based on the novels of Inoue Kenji, and there’s an ongoing manga series.


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  1. Kencana
    Jun 19, 2010 @ 09:29:12

    Yaay! I also like Bakatest. The comedy is hilarious. I laughed many times.


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