Due to the main blogger (and only blogger) deciding to enjoy the following two months in another country, this blog won’t be updated very much. When this post is published, I will be in the plane (good for me!). The rate of updating depends on the available internet-connection and whether there’s any spare time. To make up, here’s a poll which dramacd you’d like to see summarised when the damn bitch is finally back. (scroll down for more info on each BLCD).
Personally I prefer Zettai Fukujyuu, since there’s not much content to summarise, but storywise I recommand Keiyaku Furikou, because oyaji-romance =

  • Zettai Fukujyuu: Politics and a lawyer. High smut-level and an unbelievable cute Tori.
    • >>>plain smut
  • Hanayome wa Marriage Blue: Sweet lovestory how a commoner introduces a rich man to the simple life BEFORE the actual marriage. Excellent BGM and likable characters.
    • >>>comedy, boy-bride
  • Shiawase ni Dekiru: non-con Morimori and no trace of Morimura Yuuki in this outrageous seme.
    • >>>alpha-man sweeping the feet (among other) of his target
  • Koi no Hanashi: When a misunderstanding becomes true in an arranged date between an awkward gay who has never dated before and a (former) straight man. Brought by the same author of Kotonoha no Hana and Mr. Romantist no Koi.
    • >>>Sweet and touching
  • Keiyaku Furikou: Very slow-paced but satisfying story about former superior-underling in salarymen-setting. Both realise their feelings for each other after many years, going through marriage and loss of their wives.
    • >>>Slice of life, oyaji

-Poll ends on September 2nd-


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